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NYTimes: Boom in American Liquefied Natural Gas Is Shaking Up the Energy World

As I started reviewing the New York Times over the last three months to find any practical understanding of the Shale Revolution, I found two pieces written by Clifford Krauss. The best of which is an extended piece entitled “Boom in American Liquefied Natural Gas is Shaking Up the Energy World on October 17, 2017.

“The United States was supposed to be a big LNG importer, not a world class exporter,” wrote Krauss. This switch promises to remake the global gas and oil markets for several decades in the future. Its geopolitical importance weakens Russian influence over the European Union, China, Asia and even Africa, while promising that the world will be using the cleanest burning fossil fuel. This will benefit the richest and poorest countries.

The transition of the U.S. to one of the world’s largest gas exporters has very significant economic, environment and geopolitical implications,” said Columbia Energy Director’s Jason Bordoff. While only 15 countries imported LNG in 2005, more than three times import now. Many environmentalists predict Shale Revolution represents a short bridge to energy future; Casey Stengel said, “Never make predictions, especially about the future.”

Boom in American Liquefied Natural Gas Is Shaking Up the Energy World

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