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February 2018

Noble Energy, Israel’s Delek to Supply Gas to Egypt in $15 Billion Deal

Thought Piece The power of the shale revolution continues to provide geopolitical benefits to the world and of course significant future emission reductions. One can hope that Israel will now start harvesting more and more [...]

World’s Largest Science Organization Gives Top Honor To Conspiracy-Monger Michael Mann

Thought Piece In case nobody saved my recent post, this piece will have to do. Roger Pielke, Jr and Judith Curry had interesting things to say about this Award and the state of media science. [...]

OH Fractivist Claims Obliterated with Cold, Hard Facts from NEPA

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Thought Piece The most important part of the following piece from Jim Willis and the Marcellus Drilling News is the thoughtful guest piece of Chris Acker. It is a real boots-on-the-ground testimonial about the importance [...]

More Oil And Natural Gas Invalidate ‘Keep It In The Ground’ Movement

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Thought Piece Jude Clemente continues to be one of the most balanced writers on natural resources and conservation in the U.S. He has always been worth the effort to read and understand. The “Keep it [...]