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May 2018

Appeals court allows unusual ‘necessity’ defense for Enbridge protesters Pipeline protesters claim threat of climate change compelled them to act.

Thought Piece I had a nightmare last night about Global Warming (aka Climate Change), where anyone can legally commit perjury if they lied because of their higher moral calling. I woke up and remembered Climate [...]

Climate Litigation: The Latest Green Effort to Overturn Democracy

Though Piece “Climate Change Warriors Latest Weapon of Choice is Litigation.” I too am worried about the proliferation of environmental lawsuits in the US, at least 5,000. Although, it is a growth market for environmental [...]

“Nutty” is as Nutty Does – 2nd MVP Protester Goes Up a Pole in VA

Though Piece More bad behavior in VA. It is hard to retain a modicum of respect for any environmental group (or individual protester) who games the legal system or simply ignores the law, especially if [...]

Cuadrilla files injunction to stop trespassing at shale gas site

Though Piece These  British trespassers over the last 18 months are a great example of environmental  extremism and media manipulation, with a misguided sense of moral rectitude. Using name-calling, populist rhetoric, and demonization of fracking, [...]

New York’s Green Energy Roulette Gov. Cuomo uses up his state’s electricity margin of safety to advance his career.

Thought Piece Gov. Cuomo is using up his state’s electricity margin of safety to advance his career, writes @HolmanJenkins Governor Andrew Cuomo is a great example of an urban politician with climate change prejudices: He [...]