IEA warns of ‘worrying trend’ as global investment in renewables falls

Thought Piece IEA’s definition of renewables is hydro, wind and solar, which sounds more like a political slogan. That said, emission reductions come in many forms: My clean energy definition includes provable energy efficiencies, new NG power plants, LNG, new modern nuclear, updated and much cleaner power plants, new pipelines, new infrastructure, new wireless broadband, and [...]

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The U.S. Is Breaking Clean Energy Records Even As Trump Doubles Down On Fossil Fuels

Thought Piece NEW SHOREHAM, RI - SEPTEMBER 22: The GE-Alstom Block Island Wind Farm stands 3 miles off of Block Island on September 22, 2016 New Shoreham, Rhode Island. The five 6-megawatt wind turbines are expected to produce more energy than Block Island needs. (Photo by Scott Eisen/Getty Images) The narrative about emissions reduction [...]

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