Scott Pruitt’s Attack on Science Would Paralyze the E.P.A.

Thought Piece The McCarthy/McCabe Op-Ed piece seems just too political, too silo-thinking, too simplistic, too parochial, and too eco-religious for an adult audience. Where is the discussion about national and international economic development, the effects of the Shale Revolution, the importance of energy efficiency, the state of emission reduction strategies, the growing benefits of the Internet [...]

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Scott Pruitt Plans to Dismiss EPA’s Expert Scientific Advisors

Thought Piece See Video The lop-sided appointments by the previous EPA for its Clean Air Committees: The Scientific Advisory Committee Particulate Matter Review Panel where 24 of the 26 members received over $190 million in direct or indirect grants and the the Scientific Advisory Committee Ozone Panel 17 of the 20 members received over $192 million. [...]

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Liberal Commentator: Death Threats Against EPA Director Make Sense

Thought Piece For the record, the Clean Power Plan is a great example of undemocratic regulation, environmental extremism, faulty constitutional thinking, media manipulation, extensive use of executive orders, moral rectitude, name-calling, populist rhetoric, ideological purity, demonization of the opposition, total inability to  negotiate with the loyal opposition, and poor understanding of basic global economic development. Steve [...]

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Cleaning Up the Superfund Mess: But Superfund delays aren’t the result of insufficient funds: Still 1,336 Superfund sites on the EPA’s Priorities List

Thought Piece It is time to put symbolic and political gestures in their proper perspective, especially as there are still 1,336 Superfund sites untreated. Created 1980, the Superfund has become a monetary piñata for many groups and individuals that have nothing to do this massive clean-up project: Instead of making a direct way of funding, it has [...]

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