Researchers falsely claimed no EPA involvement in Clean Power Plan study

Originally posted in Energy Central March 4th, 2016 | By Stephen Heins Funding bias is by definition biased! Consequently, there should be full disclosure for all parties involved in regulatory and political issues, so that all researchers and research can be judged for their objectivity about environmental, economic and energy information being provided by grants and other funding sources--public and [...]

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Solving the Problems of the U.S. Power Grid: A Cautious First Step

Originally posted by Energy Central September 18, 2003 | By Stephen Heins September 8, 2003. As of August 14th, 2003, Americans with short memories or no memory at all about previous blackouts received a vivid illustration of the potential damage caused by electrical outages. While the headlines screamed “third-world electrical infrastructure” and “$100 billion needed to [...]

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