Infrastructure Lost: Why America Cannot Afford to “Keep It In the Ground”

Thought Piece First and foremost, the “Keep It In The Ground” has only one “accomplishment,” which is keeping over $91 billion of energy infrastructure from being built or replaced (with both new and upgraded technology). A visible example of this do-nothing approach can be found north of Boston, with the explosion of old gas pipelines. My [...]

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Anti-Pipeline Activists Force Us to Buy Natural Gas from Russia

Thought Piece This is a dispassionate piece (i.e. apolitical) about the state of the political energy world. By politicizing all things Oil and Gas, there is glaring lack of thought contained in the “leave it in the ground” sensitivity. Anti-intellectualism? In contradistinction, Ms. Jacobs offers up a workable solution to support economic development, emission reductions, and [...]

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North Dakota’s Pipeline Payoff

Thought Piece “We will continue to work to protect communities from the threat of fracked gas pollution,” stated Sierra Club attorney Nathan Matthews. To my eye, this kind of thinking is an old-fashioned, simplistic way of looking at economic development and environmental mitigation. First, the facts about the Dakota Access Pipelines first six months: North Dakota [...]

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Keystone is anti-hydrocarbon zealotry in microcosm

Thought Piece We will continue to work to protect communities from the threat of fracked gas pollution.” Sierra Club attorney Nathan Matthews It is hard to retain a modicum of respect for any environmental group who likes the law if it favors them, but who becomes a heavy-handed, well-financed scofflaw if it doesn’t, especially if they [...]

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Keystone pipeline spills 210,000 gallons of oil on eve of permitting decision for TransCanada

Thought Piece The first iteration of this story was much more balanced, but this update isn’t, reverting to the usual vitriol of environmental spokespeople. Anyway, I think that this spill should be compared to the EPA’s Colorado Toxic spill of 2015: the Gold King Mine poured 3 million gallons of waste water (over 10 times more [...]

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With Big Spill to Clean, Pipeline Owner Seeks Keystone XL Approval

Thought Piece Not to be undone by the Washington Post reporting, the New York Times begins its story with the following headline: “With Big Spill to Clean....” then, the reporter breathlessly writes about “the images of South Dakota grassland blemished by 210,000 gallons of leaked Canadian crude oil....” Continuing, the reporter opines that this week’s leak [...]

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Now it’s a War on Pipelines

Thought Piece First they waged war on coal, and now they’ve launched a war on pipelines. As one activist put it, the best means of transporting oil is no transportation. But if there is going to be increased production, “I would rather it go by train.” Right. Just replacing the Dakota Access Pipe Line would require [...]

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