More Oil And Natural Gas Invalidate ‘Keep It In The Ground’ Movement

Thought Piece Jude Clemente continues to be one of the most balanced writers on natural resources and conservation in the U.S. He has always been worth the effort to read and understand. The “Keep it in the Ground” has always reminded me of a bad idea with no sense of direction. “Cave woman to cave man: [...]

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Drilled, Baby, Drilled

Thought Piece Over 10 years ago, the US imported 12.9 million barrels of petroleum products a day and in the ensuing period, the US imported slightly over 2 millions barrels a day. Yes, the Shale Revolution is responsible for the difference, but in a more complex way than just oil. Shales, after all, delivers three distinct [...]

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How the B.C. tanker moratorium is killing First Nations’ enterprise

Thought Piece In contradistinction to some media portrayals of Native Tribes, the First Nations Tribes are opposed to the tanker ban proposed in Canadian Parliament, which threatens the $16 Billion Eagle Spirit Pipeline. The new pipeline ban would prevent Alberta oil from reaching the British Columbia Coast, much to the detriment of the Tribes. Thirty members [...]

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Fracking Our Way to Mideast Peace

Thought Piece Fracking Our Way to Mideast Peace I am surprised that Walter Russell Mead didn’t include the following piece in his Wall Street Journal argument: “EU States and Israel Sign Gas Pipeline Deal,” which will be the longest and deepest natural gas pipeline in the world and will provide NG from Israel to Cypress, [...]

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‘Game-Changing’ New Research on Prolific Permian Basin Estimates 60 Billion to 70 Billion Barrels Remain, IHS Markit Says

Thought Piece Research, technology and innovation are driving the future of the Bakken, the Permian or the Marcellus. Anyone truly interested in American energy, environment, or shale needs to visit one of these Basins for a closer look at the people and the latest technology. Steve P.S. "If one wants to be a thought leader, affability [...]

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WSJ Harpoons NY Gov Cuomo for His “Blockade” of Natural Gas

Thought Piece Thanks to Jim Willis, I didn't miss this Wall Street Journal editorial. I can't help wondering what went wrong with my Gmail alerts? I HATE BEING UNDER-INFORMED. Even the green activists Michael Bloomberg and the Washington Post favor rational, high technological fracking. If anyone is interested, I have Mayor Bloomberg's Op-Ed and a few [...]

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Harvey’s Lessons for America’s Stretched Energy Infrastructure

Thought Piece The US can't afford to face the future with any sense of certainty. Surely, Harvey reminds us that we have probably stretched many of our energy assets to the limits of reliability: Like we expect of the Public Service Commissions in all 50 states, we simply cannot become complacent with our economic and energy [...]

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2017 Bakken Oil Conference Begins Next Week, More Than 400 Industry Professionals Set to Gather in Bismarck, North Dakota, Center of Energy Universe.

Thought Piece [I am heading for the annual Bakken Conference in Bismarck, North Dakota on Saturday. In 1880's, the State of Wisconsin developed what they called the Wisconsin Idea: Close cooperation between state government, higher education and the private sector. In truth, North Dakota has come much closer to the Wisconsin Idea of state cooperation than [...]

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2017 Bakken Oil Conference Begins Next Week, More Than 400 Industry Professionals Set to Gather in Bismarck, North Dakota. “The Bakken Vs. The World” Edit article

Thought Piece [This conference promises to be even better than last year, with a pre-conference seminar titled, The Bakken Vs. The World.  Steve] SOURCE: BBI International July 11, 2017 2017 Bakken Oil Conference Begins Next Week More Than 400 Industry Professionals Set to Gather in Bismarck, North Dakota BISMARCK, ND – (July 11, 2017) – The [...]

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Lessons of the Energy Export Boom: this dominance was achieved by private U.S. investment, innovation and trade—not Washington central planning.

Thought Piece Since 2009,  the U.S. hydraulic fracturing revolution has caused America to become the world’s top natural gas producer passing Russia, and the top producer of oil and petroleum hydrocarbons since 2014, passing Saudi Arabia. By now almost everybody knows that. Less understood is the role that energy exports are now playing in sustaining U.S. production despite lower prices. In [...]

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