“Atlantic Coast Pipeline Protestors Shut Down FERC Chair’s Lecture at Duke University”: “Enviros Shut Down Duke U Meeting Where FERC Chair to Speak”

Thought Piece [In the wake of the interview with NYU Professor Johnathon Haidt in Saturday's Wall Street Journal and his discussion of recent examples of the "new religion that drives the intolerance and violence at places like Middlebury and Berkeley," I can't help noticing that these two pieces, one by the Duke University protestors and the other by a Marcellus [...]

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“Innovation Related To Hydraulic Fracturing Dominates Oil, Gas Patent Arena” Since 2006, nearly 1,000 patents related to hydraulic fracturing filed.

Thought Piece [It is worth mentioning that many of these patents involve improved environmentalism and safety, what I have called "practical environmentalism" over 15 years ago. Deloitte expects these innovative fracking solutions to continue: Recent filings and ongoing research in "the field of nanoparticles, monitoring and sensing" suggests the drive toward faster, cheaper and cleaner hydraulic fracturing will [...]

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U.S. oil and gas industry reaps the benefits of international trade, aided by new technologies and growing transportation hubs.

Thought Piece [The following piece by John Kemp is a well-nuanced look at the current US gas and oil industry. While increasing flows of oil and gas are doing well, thanks to the return to free trade for US exports, the overall production of shale oil, natural gas and feedstock has just started to hit its stride. [...]

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OPEC Faces Quandary as U.S. Oil Inventories Swell: Oil cartel’s cuts are helping competitors fill their storage tanks

Thought piece [The remarkable production capabilities and transportation system for US oil and natural gas continue to change the world and its geopolitics. As predicted, OPEC's strangle hold on energy is officially over. Along with it, OPEC is losing its political clout with its own people, who are now suffering from its governments' failure to provide [...]

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Bakken Boosters See Robustness Returning This Year and Next, Additional $100 million in Annual Tax Revenue

Bakken Boosters See Robustness Returning This Year and Next Richard Nemec March 6, 2017 The buzz is slowly returning to the Bakken Shale, with state and industry stakeholders eyeing a return to more robust production and bottom line numbers by the end of this year and through all of 2018. America's highest profile oil pipeline, the [...]

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Analysts Weigh OPEC Price Boost Against Shale Rebound: The US is sitting on many DUC, drilled but uncompleted, wells which take less time and money.

Thought Piece There are two factors that this Financial Tribune pieces does not mention, both of which clearly favor US shale. One, the impetuous to build new pipelines such as the Keystone Pipeline, Dakota Access Pipeline and several pipelines alone the upper east coast, all of which are expected to reduce transportation $5 to $7 dollar barrel; [...]

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