OPEC Faces Quandary as U.S. Oil Inventories Swell: Oil cartel’s cuts are helping competitors fill their storage tanks

Thought piece [The remarkable production capabilities and transportation system for US oil and natural gas continue to change the world and its geopolitics. As predicted, OPEC's strangle hold on energy is officially over. Along with it, OPEC is losing its political clout with its own people, who are now suffering from its governments' failure to provide [...]

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Trump signs memos to move forward on DAPL, Keystone XL pipelines By Patrick C. Miller. Don’t worry, Virginia, it will improve America! Honest!

Thought Piece Dear thoughtful reader, I have included a schematic for the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL), so that you will have a better idea of what is planned for DAPL, which has already undergone the 7 year legal approval process. “Projects that were thoroughly vetted by multiple state agencies were held hostage by a small but [...]

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Energy-pedia general news New projects in the upstream oil and gas industry to double in 2017 predicts Wood Mackenzie

Thought Piece Here is the URL for a new Shale Oil Magazine: http://shalemag.com/. No matter what happens at the Congressional Hearings over the next week, Shale Oil's importance cannot be overstated, as it provides tight oil, natural gas and feedstock. In addition, it continues to cut US emissions.  Rev. Heins energy-pedia general news http://www.energy-pedia.com/ New projects [...]

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Top 5 issues to affect oil/gas in 2017 – Wood Mackenzie: Great Source for All Things Fracking

  Top 5 issues to affect oil/gas in 2017 – Wood Mackenzie Analysts at Wood Mackenzie in their 2017 forecasts for the oil and gas say the industry will turn cash flow positive for the first time since the downturn, if OPEC production cuts drive oil prices above US$55 per barrel. Tom Ellacott, senior vice president [...]

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