WV Gov Justice Says China Investment Specifics are “Confidential”

Thought Piece Many of us hope that China will actually provide the enormous amount of money promised to West Virginia for its economic development, but a friend of mine reminds me that it is “always just around the corner, but none of it ever gets here.” The Chinese have put Governor Jim Justice’s and their credibility [...]

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Feds overrule New York’s natural gas pipeline permit denial

Thought Piece The New York State political machine and anti- fossil fuel alarmists finally loses one in their effort to impose their will on the NY utility sector. Feds overrule New York's natural gas pipeline permit denial September 15, 2017 Associated Press Save             ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) — Federal regulators have overruled New York state's denial of a [...]

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WSJ Harpoons NY Gov Cuomo for His “Blockade” of Natural Gas

Thought Piece Thanks to Jim Willis, I didn't miss this Wall Street Journal editorial. I can't help wondering what went wrong with my Gmail alerts? I HATE BEING UNDER-INFORMED. Even the green activists Michael Bloomberg and the Washington Post favor rational, high technological fracking. If anyone is interested, I have Mayor Bloomberg's Op-Ed and a few [...]

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An Open Letter To Rick Perry On Natural Gas Exports: Natural Gas provides strong environmental and economic benefits.

Thought Piece [The following piece from James Taylor is spot on! While it is reasonable to expect a former Texas Governor to understand energy issues, this piece adds some intellectual firepower to the expansion of the whole hydraulic fracturing revolution. If it makes geopolitical and economic sense to export US oil (and it does), it certainly [...]

“Atlantic Coast Pipeline Protestors Shut Down FERC Chair’s Lecture at Duke University”: “Enviros Shut Down Duke U Meeting Where FERC Chair to Speak”

Thought Piece [In the wake of the interview with NYU Professor Johnathon Haidt in Saturday's Wall Street Journal and his discussion of recent examples of the "new religion that drives the intolerance and violence at places like Middlebury and Berkeley," I can't help noticing that these two pieces, one by the Duke University protestors and the other by a Marcellus [...]

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“Never Underestimate the Rock of the Bakken” by Patrick Miller: A Good Forecast with Staying Power

Thought Piece This article was written by Patrick Miller of The Bakken Magazine over a year ago. In it, he quotes Jonathan Garrett (a principal analyst with Wood Mackenzie in Houston and the company’s Bakken expert) extensively. This piece is more or less confirmed by a recent forecast, "Top 5 Issues to affect oil/gas in 2017," made by [...]

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