Who’s the Real Internet Censor: Comcast or Facebook?

Thought Piece In fact, there were three companies exempt from FCC's 2015 Title Open Internet: Google, Amazon and Facebook. Now those three companies are lobbying for Net Neutrality, while not disclosing that they were already exempt. This is an open display of self-interest by Google, Amazon, and Facebook. These companies would each become a veritable monopoly [...]

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Bots Flood FCC with Millions of Comments About Net Neutrality

Thought Piece Of the 21.8 million comments recently made to FCC on the Net Neutrality, a data company Emprata determined that 19.4 of the comments came from entities that filed multiple times, originated aboard or used such techniques as faked domains typical of spam. It seems that self-righteousness and/or politics have overtaken the discussion about "Open [...]

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Why ‘Net Neutrality’ Drives the Left Crazy: The FCC’s new chairman plan to reopen the internet to competition—and agitators picketing his family house

Thought Piece Net neutrality is such a misuse of language. It invites an under-informed mob to take political actions that are so far from civil behavior, which drives me crazy. The agitators are picketing FCC Chairman Pai's neighborhood, his house and his young family. These tactics sound like they are out of a George Orwell novel. There has been a lot moral rectitude [...]