Drilled, Baby, Drilled

Thought Piece Over 10 years ago, the US imported 12.9 million barrels of petroleum products a day and in the ensuing period, the US imported slightly over 2 millions barrels a day. Yes, the Shale Revolution is responsible for the difference, but in a more complex way than just oil. Shales, after all, delivers three distinct [...]

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Tracking retractions as a window into the scientific process Fracking paper overstated size of methane leak from Marcellus Shale, earning retraction

Thought Piece Given the fact that the American political divisions in 2018 are almost unbearable, I have chosen to avoid hot button issues like gun control, abortion, gender, woman rights, extreme Climate Change, or economic justice. As in the last 20 years, I will continue to concentrate on the major themes of broadband, energy, energy efficiency, [...]

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An “Answer to Prayer”: Thanks to Fracking, Ohio is Making and Shipping Steel Again

Thought Piece Below, Jackie Stewart from Energy in Depth provides a great boots on the ground story from Ohio. Jackie humanizes these real people, both from the boom years of steel making and the new generation of steel makers and investors. While Pennsylvania and Ohio are still fighting over politics and environmentalism, both states have ample [...]

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Fracking Our Way to Mideast Peace

Thought Piece Fracking Our Way to Mideast Peace I am surprised that Walter Russell Mead didn’t include the following piece in his Wall Street Journal argument: https://lnkd.in/eUQmjcW. “EU States and Israel Sign Gas Pipeline Deal,” which will be the longest and deepest natural gas pipeline in the world and will provide NG from Israel to Cypress, [...]

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“Fracking Wastewater is Mostly Brines, Not Man-Made Fracking Fluids”: “They are retained in the shale deep underground.”

Thought Piece  [The effect on ground water of horizontal drilling and fracking is de minimis, a new Duke University study has found. It is reasonable to expect the emerging Internet of Things and other environmental innovations in the shale reserves will continue to benefit American's private sector for many decades.  Steve].   Fracking Wastewater is Mostly Brines, Not Man-Made Fracking Fluids Published January, 2017 Contact: Contact: [...]

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An Open Letter To Rick Perry On Natural Gas Exports: Natural Gas provides strong environmental and economic benefits.

Thought Piece [The following piece from James Taylor is spot on! While it is reasonable to expect a former Texas Governor to understand energy issues, this piece adds some intellectual firepower to the expansion of the whole hydraulic fracturing revolution. If it makes geopolitical and economic sense to export US oil (and it does), it certainly [...]

Fracking comes to the Arctic in a new Alaska oil boom: This comes at a time of low oil prices, when observers felt the Arctic would remain off-limits.

Thought Piece [While the discovery of 5 to 6 billion oil and untold natural gas is good news for Alaska, the U.S. and the global energy markets, the logistics of the harvesting the oil will require vast quantities of water and sand needed for fracking, which will be challenging, and probably more expensive than the lower 48 states. Of the [...]

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Julia Olson founded Our Children’s Trust with the idea of having children front the campaign against climate change and making them plaintiffs

Thought Piece [Lily Tomlin was right: "No matter how cynical you get, it is impossible to keep up." Steve] Hide Behind Kids in Oil and Gas Lawsuit by Aileen Yeung 12:12pm EDT April 10, 2017 aileen@energyindepth.org, Denver, CO In what the industry has called a flawed decision that imperils jobs and incomes, the Colorado Court of Appeals [...]

“Innovation Related To Hydraulic Fracturing Dominates Oil, Gas Patent Arena” Since 2006, nearly 1,000 patents related to hydraulic fracturing filed.

Thought Piece [It is worth mentioning that many of these patents involve improved environmentalism and safety, what I have called "practical environmentalism" over 15 years ago. Deloitte expects these innovative fracking solutions to continue: Recent filings and ongoing research in "the field of nanoparticles, monitoring and sensing" suggests the drive toward faster, cheaper and cleaner hydraulic fracturing will [...]

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Fracking 2.0: Shale Drillers Pioneer New Ways to Profit in Era of Cheap Oil

Thought Piece [The technology of horizontal drilling and fracking is moving at hyper-speed in the US, thanks to the Internet of Things and the innovations of the American private sector. As expected, the energy industry continues to extract more oil faster and cheaper than OPEC. Yes, Virginia, the slow moving, unwieldy methods used by OPEC are showing. In [...]

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