Oops, I misspoke yesterday, “EPA Chief Urges Staff To Finish Obama’s Agenda Before Trump Takes Over”

[Oops! I wrote yesterday that "Gina McCarthy has announced that the EPA has effectively stopped working on a cap and trade scheme and their other ambitious plans related to the Clean Power Plan (CPP), Waters of the United States (WOTUS), etc. to prepare for the orderly transfer of power." Self-righteousness rarely goes quietly into that good night "and the [...]

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Washington’s Not So Big Short In the MetLife case, regulators admit they can’t predict the future.

Thought Piece by Stephen Heins [Gasp, Wash DC regulators finally admit they can't predict the future? Has a baseball bard, Casey Stengel,  finally been heard? "Never make predictions, especially about the future." Designing plans and defenses around black swan events is micromanagement gone horribly wrong, especially when we don't know which black swan event is in the [...]

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