Net Neutrality Supporters Pressure FCC to Extend Comment Deadline

Thought Piece At the latest count, over 5.3 million of the 13 million FCC's Comments were manufactured by Fake Filing software. I would be shocked if more than 1 percent of the filers actually knew the details of Tom Wheeler extra-legal action. The removal of Net Neutrality provision of 2015 returns the Internet back to being [...]

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“F.C.C. Invokes Internet Freedom While Trying to Kill It”: This NY Times Editorial is a Backward Glance into the Future

Thought Piece [For the record, “Net Neutrality” is just another way of saying that the FCC should be micromanaging the Internet, including wired and wireless broadband. My first question for those parties, including the New York Times, who are advocating net neutrality: How can an agency regulate an industry, when it is five years or more behind [...]

A Trumpian Green Shoot Is Broadband: Wireless carriers just zero-rated the internet. Get ready for a revolution in cheap, ubiquitous data.

Thought Piece [Net Neutrality suffers another ignominious defeat at the hands of technology; however, The NY Times and the Wash Post recent Op-Ed pieces on preserving Net Neutrality demonstrate how small bore political thinking has become. Clearly, the importance of broadband and wireless far exceeds the politics of many editorial boards.  Steve] A Trumpian Green Shoot Is Broadband [...]

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