‘Game-Changing’ New Research on Prolific Permian Basin Estimates 60 Billion to 70 Billion Barrels Remain, IHS Markit Says

Thought Piece Research, technology and innovation are driving the future of the Bakken, the Permian or the Marcellus. Anyone truly interested in American energy, environment, or shale needs to visit one of these Basins for a closer look at the people and the latest technology. Steve P.S. "If one wants to be a thought leader, affability [...]

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Now it’s a War on Pipelines

Thought Piece First they waged war on coal, and now they’ve launched a war on pipelines. As one activist put it, the best means of transporting oil is no transportation. But if there is going to be increased production, “I would rather it go by train.” Right. Just replacing the Dakota Access Pipe Line would require [...]

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Underreported: What Happened When Government Tried to Fix a Coal Town

Thought Piece This is the kind of reporting that has been missing in the mainstream media. It shows the costs and benefits of a federally funded program: "A private and public partnership." While the promises sound plausible and even high-minded, the results prove again that the private sector create real jobs and the public sector programs [...]

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WSJ Harpoons NY Gov Cuomo for His “Blockade” of Natural Gas

Thought Piece Thanks to Jim Willis, I didn't miss this Wall Street Journal editorial. I can't help wondering what went wrong with my Gmail alerts? I HATE BEING UNDER-INFORMED. Even the green activists Michael Bloomberg and the Washington Post favor rational, high technological fracking. If anyone is interested, I have Mayor Bloomberg's Op-Ed and a few [...]

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Harvey’s Lessons for America’s Stretched Energy Infrastructure

Thought Piece The US can't afford to face the future with any sense of certainty. Surely, Harvey reminds us that we have probably stretched many of our energy assets to the limits of reliability: Like we expect of the Public Service Commissions in all 50 states, we simply cannot become complacent with our economic and energy [...]

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Fair Trade for Thee, but nor for me

Thought Piece   Friend Paul Driessen writes about the imbalance and illogic of the politically correct alarmists and the rest of us. As an old debater, I still am interested in the counter-arguments to each of Paul's points. After all, I am believer in the larger issues of global economic development and human ingenuity in the [...]

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Lessons of the Energy Export Boom: this dominance was achieved by private U.S. investment, innovation and trade—not Washington central planning.

Thought Piece Since 2009,  the U.S. hydraulic fracturing revolution has caused America to become the world’s top natural gas producer passing Russia, and the top producer of oil and petroleum hydrocarbons since 2014, passing Saudi Arabia. By now almost everybody knows that. Less understood is the role that energy exports are now playing in sustaining U.S. production despite lower prices. In [...]

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“The Struggle Behind Oil’s Ups and Downs”: The industry has been recalibrated to a lower price level.

Thought Piece [Daniel Yergin has been one of the most reliable voices of world energy experts and writers for the last 40 years. His intellectual credentials would make a mortal man weep: Yale, founder of the New Journal, PHD from Cambridge University, lecturer at Harvard Business School, found of Cambridge Research Associates, and founder/VP of information company IHS. He is best known for his [...]

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Al Gore Wants $15 Trillion To Fight Off Apocalyptic 2 Degree Global Temperature Rise: For those of you ignorant, science-hating, climate-doubters….

Thought Piece [I have told Al Gore a quadrillion times not to exaggerate (or maybe it is a good thing), because otherwise he may have asked for $1 quadrillion. If Soren Kierkegaard is right that "life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forwards," then I wish Mr. Gore could remember how to [...]