Analysts Weigh OPEC Price Boost Against Shale Rebound: The US is sitting on many DUC, drilled but uncompleted, wells which take less time and money.

Thought Piece There are two factors that this Financial Tribune pieces does not mention, both of which clearly favor US shale. One, the impetuous to build new pipelines such as the Keystone Pipeline, Dakota Access Pipeline and several pipelines alone the upper east coast, all of which are expected to reduce transportation $5 to $7 dollar barrel; [...]

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Trump signs memos to move forward on DAPL, Keystone XL pipelines By Patrick C. Miller. Don’t worry, Virginia, it will improve America! Honest!

Thought Piece Dear thoughtful reader, I have included a schematic for the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL), so that you will have a better idea of what is planned for DAPL, which has already undergone the 7 year legal approval process. “Projects that were thoroughly vetted by multiple state agencies were held hostage by a small but [...]

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