Al Gore Wants $15 Trillion To Fight Off Apocalyptic 2 Degree Global Temperature Rise: For those of you ignorant, science-hating, climate-doubters….

Thought Piece [I have told Al Gore a quadrillion times not to exaggerate (or maybe it is a good thing), because otherwise he may have asked for $1 quadrillion. If Soren Kierkegaard is right that "life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forwards," then I wish Mr. Gore could remember how to [...]

A ‘Red Team’ Exercise Would Strengthen Climate Science: Put ‘consensus’ to test and improve public understanding, through an open, adversarial process

Thought Piece [Paranoid politics almost never achieves its goal. The obvious prejudices, hyperbole, rhetoric, and shrillness gives it away. Name-calling, smearing, and sneering are not arguments. The idea of a Red Team Exercise--which will tolerate a loyal opposition, a civil debate, a thoughtful discussion, and a well-reasoned dissent—seems like a civilized idea for a civilized society. Steve]  [...]

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Real science must guide policy: Climate alarmists use faulty science and bald assertions to demand end to fossil fuels

Thought Piece [Paul Driessen recaps the testimony by four scientist witnesses at the recent House Science Committee hearings on assumptions, policy implications and scientific principles of climate change.  He makes a thought-provoking and compelling case that the supposed “consensus” or “settled” science on “dangerous manmade climate change” is still much in dispute and has been driven [...]

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The Climate Yawns: Donald Trump is no more a planet wrecker than Barack Obama (as measured to the third decimal).

Thought Piece [While many people seemingly have forgotten that Clean Power Plan was a legalistic nightmare, I think it is important to remember the CPP was opposed by 31 states (out of 50) in court. Ultimately, it was a poorly-written, over-politicized document in search of a political cause. Now that it is just another example of a failed federal over-reach, I wanted to make [...]

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If the Science is settled, why did Dr. John Bates’​ piece evoke 509 comments in the last few days about NOAA’s Karl Study of 2015?

Thought Piece Fake News or Not: To date, none of the major media or climate "news" sites have mentioned this London Mail challenge to the global warming data. The next few days will tell us much about the US scientific community and academia. If this Mail is "fake news," then it deserves to be exposed, just as [...]

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“Change Would Be Healthy at U.S. Climate Agencies”​: It has become routine for press releases and the press to avoid mentioning any margin of error.

Thought Piece The evidence continues to mount that several climate agencies, like the NOAA and NASA, have been cooking the climate books for years; and, to make matters worse, the major media exaggerates the cooked books, because it believes that its consumers aren't sophisticated enough to understand the actual numbers and their margins for error. The recent [...]

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“New York Times: Our Readers Are Too Dumb To Understand Global Warming Numbers”​ My Kingdom for a Single Good Science Journalist!

Thought Piece Below is the written dialogue between Robert Tracinski of the Federalist and Justin Gillis of the New York Times. No author of surrealistic fiction could have done better. New York Times: Our Readers Are Too Dumb To Understand Global Warming Numbers “When I challenged him about the 'hottest year on record,' a New York [...]

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