Sea level rise acceleration (or not): Part I – Introduction

Thought Piece Speaking of an articulate, brave and circumspect woman, Judy Curry has begun a series of discussions with herself (and other climatologists) about the complexities of sea levels world-wide, with few anecdotes and even less hyperbole. As a longtime reader of her work, I can honestly say that I am very excited about learning more [...]

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New Study Highlights Climate Science Uncertainty

Thought Piece While visiting the Vatican recently, Governor Jerry Brown suggested that it would OK to “brainwash” the world’s population to make them believe in climate change, during a 40 minute speech. Such certainty and moral certitude is exactly what friend Jason Spiess has been saying about the religion of environmentalism. Another Monsignor of climate cataclysm, [...]

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A Litigious Climate Threatens Scientific Norms

Thought Piece         Surely, scientists suing critics and fellow scientists has revealed a huge crack between science and politics. We need to pull back from this new anti-intellectualism surrounding the climate debate. A Litigious Climate Threatens Scientific Norms An energy researcher sues another over a critical paper. It’s the wrong way to resolve [...]

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Exposed: Harvard Study Omitted Evidence to Allege ExxonMobil ‘Misled’ Public on Climate

Thought Piece It is very hard to read the political rhetoric of Michael Mann, Naomi Oreskes, Bill McKibbens, PBS, CNN, Post, Times (east and west), Tribune, and many other media assets every day: Where, the above-voices have failed to advance democracy in today’s world, by ignoring any of the loyal opposition’s counter-arguments against climate certainty. My [...]

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Former Obama EPA Head Criticizes EPA For Lack Of Transparency, Forgets Her Lack Of Transparency

Thought Piece After being engaged with the EPA senior management since 2005, I must admit that my experience with them especially over the last 8 years has left me with little trust of their news releases and interviews, especially after paying close attention to Lisa Jackson and Gina McCarthy's public statements. Both have sounded hypocritical and [...]

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Climate Alarmist Michael Mann Shrieks at ‘Inhuman Cretins’ for Skepticism

Thought Piece Dr. Michael Mann continues to communicate his point of view, with the confidence of the morally righteous. After hearing him testify at the Hearing of the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology in March, I thought he was uncivil, glib, and anti-intellectual. Historically, Mann has tried to sue several people and media for [...]

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A two-decade crusade by conservative charities fueled Trump’s exit from Paris climate accord

Thought Piece Another alarmist headline with more deeply prejudiced reporting. The portrayal of Myron Ebell, in all of its conspiratorial splendor, is so silly that I can't help think it was written by Jonathon Swift. Although, Myron has been an effective voice of the loyal opposition. S P.S. After hearing his annual salary, I think that he [...]

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CLIMATE Group seeks documents on disbanded advisory panel

Thought Piece I find myself thinking that the Center for Biological Diversity (CBD) is too political and morally superior by 10. "Dumping a whole panel full of expert advisors show how badly Trump wants to avoid hearing the truth about climate change," according to Howard Crystal, a senior attorney for CBD's Climate Law Institute. The Center [...]

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Environmental Leader Gina McCarthy Joins Pegasus Capital as Operating Advisor: Even After Her Appointment, She Used Environmental Alarmist Rhetoric

Thought Piece On June 1, 20017, there was a Business Wire news release that caught my attention. Former U.S. EPA Chief Gina McCarthy has joined a private equity firm Pegasus Capital Advisors. As she put it, “I’m excited to put my public service and academic experience to use in the private sector, which is increasingly where [...]

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Al Gore Wants $15 Trillion To Fight Off Apocalyptic 2 Degree Global Temperature Rise: For those of you ignorant, science-hating, climate-doubters….

Thought Piece [I have told Al Gore a quadrillion times not to exaggerate (or maybe it is a good thing), because otherwise he may have asked for $1 quadrillion. If Soren Kierkegaard is right that "life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forwards," then I wish Mr. Gore could remember how to [...]