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You can now become a ‘prosumer’ with blockchain in energy

October 2nd, 2017|Tags: , , |

Thought Piece Thanks to this meaningful posting. I gave a speech on the “Virtual Power Plant” over a decade ago. The basic idea was to measure and verify the consumption of lighting in real time [...]

Perry proposes regulatory overhaul to boost coal, nuclear

September 29th, 2017|Tags: , , |

Thought Piece Given how politicized and single-minded the EPA has been since they started writing the first draft of the Clean Power Plan in 2009, several of us believe that the 2009-2017 EPA has ruined [...]

One Relatively Unknown Federal Agency Will Play A Big Role In Trump’s ‘Energy Dominance’ Agenda

September 26th, 2017|Tags: , |

Thought Piece No one who knows much about energy or electricity in the US would dare to say that the FERC is unknown. Given how politicized and single-minded the EPA has been since they started [...]

‘Game-Changing’ New Research on Prolific Permian Basin Estimates 60 Billion to 70 Billion Barrels Remain, IHS Markit Says

September 25th, 2017|Tags: , , |

Thought Piece Research, technology and innovation are driving the future of the Bakken, the Permian or the Marcellus. Anyone truly interested in American energy, environment, or shale needs to visit one of these Basins for [...]

The Weekly Word; September 25th, 2017

September 25th, 2017|

The Weekly Word; September 25, 2017 Heins opines on how some communities are embracing fracking while others dealing with politics. Listen Here: http://www.thecrudelife.com/podcast/building-bakken-radio-episode-217-ag-working-energy-davis-refinery-pipeline-technology/  

Underreported: What Happened When Government Tried to Fix a Coal Town

September 18th, 2017|Tags: , |

Thought Piece This is the kind of reporting that has been missing in the mainstream media. It shows the costs and benefits of a federally funded program: "A private and public partnership." While the promises [...]

A two-decade crusade by conservative charities fueled Trump’s exit from Paris climate accord

September 12th, 2017|Tags: , , , |

Thought Piece Another alarmist headline with more deeply prejudiced reporting. The portrayal of Myron Ebell, in all of its conspiratorial splendor, is so silly that I can't help think it was written by Jonathon Swift. Although, [...]

Building the Bakken Radio Episode 214: Hurricane Harvey Impact Special

September 5th, 2017|Tags: , , |

The Crude Life Media Network Special Interview with Stephen Heins on Hurricane Harvey’s Impact Heins discusses some of the big picture impacts Hurricane Harvey in regards to the oil and gas industry.  He [...]

WSJ Harpoons NY Gov Cuomo for His “Blockade” of Natural Gas

August 30th, 2017|Tags: , , , |

Thought Piece Thanks to Jim Willis, I didn't miss this Wall Street Journal editorial. I can't help wondering what went wrong with my Gmail alerts? I HATE BEING UNDER-INFORMED. Even the green activists Michael Bloomberg [...]

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