The EPA and The Clean Power Plan: The Climate Science is Far from Settled

Thought Piece With all the hand-wringing and teeth-knashing being done since the two international Lancet Reports and EPA’ s recent environmental report, I thought that I would reprint this piece from 2016: “EPA and the Clean Power Plan,” where I delineate over 20 flaws in the Clean Power Plan. The CPP would reduce US emissions by [...]

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The Future Is Dodgeball

Thought Piece During the last 20 years, I have attend well over 100 energy and 50 Internet/broadband conferences. This piece by Andy Kessler describes my evolving approach to being an activist who participates in each conference. In retrospect, I would add that conference attendees have a chance to talk to a great many people who aren’t [...]

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Sierra Club Asks Fed Court to Stop Atlantic Sunrise Construction

Thought Piece “We will continue to work to protect communities from the threat of fracked gas pollution,” said Sierra Club attorney Nathan Matthews. It is hard to retain a modicum of respect for any environmental group who likes the law if it favors them, but who becomes a heavy-handed, well-financed scofflaw if it doesn’t, especially if [...]

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EPA’s new science advisor will bolster objectivity and transparency

Thought Piece Again, I will quote to express a historical worry of mine: "The urge to save humanity is almost always a false front for the urge to rule." H.L. Mencken EPA's new science advisor will bolster objectivity and transparency BY SUSAN E. DUDLEY, OPINION CONTRIBUTOR — 11/01/17 09:20 AM EDT 40 THE VIEWS EXPRESSED BY CONTRIBUTORS ARE [...]

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Scott Pruitt Plans to Dismiss EPA’s Expert Scientific Advisors

Thought Piece See Video The lop-sided appointments by the previous EPA for its Clean Air Committees: The Scientific Advisory Committee Particulate Matter Review Panel where 24 of the 26 members received over $190 million in direct or indirect grants and the the Scientific Advisory Committee Ozone Panel 17 of the 20 members received over $192 million. [...]

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Sierra Club Lawsuit Against Cove Point, 2 Other LNG Plants Tossed

Thought Piece I use to be a member of the Sierra Club and I am a great admirer of fellow Wisconsinite John Muir, but I haven’t been able to stomach them since they adopted their anti-fossil fuel persona. Their political activism has developed into an environmental Luddite machine without an ounce of understanding of the importance [...]

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UGLY: Disputing peer review by lawsuit

Thought Piece I am rendered speechless, so I let John Stuart Mill speak for me: “The particular evil of silencing of an expression of an opinion.” Steve UGLY: Disputing peer review by lawsuit Anthony Watts / 5 days ago November 1, 2017 Wow, just wow. Some scientists and their egos. Sheesh. Michael Shellenberger writes: Stanford University professor Mark Z. Jacobson has [...]

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12 Facts You Need to Know About the INTERNET of THINGS

Thought Piece ServiceMax and GE understand the current complexities of wireless broadband, Internet access and the innovation of technology, also known as the Internet of Things. They have avoided small bore, silo thinking, without getting political. Please find the 12 facts about the Internet of Things below. The IOT will make the Clean Power Plan [...]

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The Clean Power Plan Is Irrelevant

Thought Piece Environmentalists have been taken by surprise by the remarkable shale oil evolution over the last decade and its benefits to the global environment and international economic development. Instead, they have made fossil fuels, including the natural gas and tight oil, into a dark conspiracy perpetrated by large energy companies equivalent to the military-industrial complex [...]

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New Rules for More Media Competition

Thought Piece I have been watching the FCC for the last twenty plus years, from the Telecommunication Act of 1996 onward. In fact, I have watched in horror when Chairman Tom Wheeler tried to reimpose the Telecommunication Act of 1934 back in 2014. While the telecommunications industry has undergone a remarkable transformation in the last two [...]

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