Despite What You’ve Heard, Global Warming Isn’t Making Weather More Extreme

Thought Piece Thanks to the harvesting of indisputable data, Roger Pielke, Jr. has once again poked a huge hole in the mythology of cataclysmic weather events. After the latest spate of cold weather (aka winter), the climate change narrative predictably has been enlarged to include winter snow storms. “Is there nothing it can’t do.” In case [...]

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Climate-Change Policies Can Be Punishing for the Poor

Thought Piece Let us hope that discussions about global warming can be more like the debates between those two brothers than between those who absolutely, completely agree with Paul Krugman, who wrote in his New York Times column in June, 'Betraying the Planet" that "as I watched the deniers make their arguments, I couldn't help thinking [...]

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Health and Well-ness: Analysis of Key Public Health Indicators in Six of the Most Heavily Drilled Marcellus Shale Counties in Pennsylvania

Thought Piece I continue to be disappointed with the state of environmental reporting in the U.S. If a study conforms to the climate change or anti-fossil fuel narrative, the Study makes headline news (e.g. “Fracking Puts Children’s Respiratory Health at Risk), usually without any real analysis of the work itself. In the recent UCLA, U of [...]

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A little slice of Alaskan tundra is finally open for drilling

Thought Piece After all of the histrionics from the environmental doomsday machine, I think that Paul adds a real world perspective during the period of environmentalist acting-out. A little slice of Alaskan tundra is finally open for drilling December 31, 2017 Tax bill provision opens ANWR, to bring more oil online and keep Alaska pipeline operating [...]

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‘Junk science’? Studies behind Obama regulations under fire

Thought Piece As I said before, many in the environmental community don't understand that the previous EPA administration lacked any skill or inclination to provide the details of their use of science and the money spent on study grants. The EPA alums are calling for transparency, balanced science, and environmental history, while acting morally superior and [...]

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California’s Political Fires

Thought Piece A strong wind blows embers from smoldering trees at the Thomas Fire in Montecito, California, Dec. 16. PHOTO: DAVID MCNEW/GETTY IMAGES While California Governor Jerry Brown declares that the recent fires were caused by climate change, the Wall Street Journal pours some cold water on that argument (below). In fact, the WSJ points out that Sacramento [...]

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Time to get off the gravy train

Thought Piece Greg Walcher discusses the longstanding practice of suing and settling with the EPA. One could say it was a downright anti-transparency way of extracting large amounts of federal dollars without full disclosure. It would be interesting if a FOIA could be filed on all such “sue and settle” activities over the last decade. I [...]

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Thought Piece In lieu of a few anecdotes and under-researching, here is an excellent, nonpartisan report on methane emissions in total and by region. Seth Whitehouse and Energy in Depth have used the data directly from the EPA over the last 8 years. Along with the recent Health and Wellness report done by Sue Mickley, this [...]

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Cashing Out From the Climate Casino

Thought Piece Paranoid politics like the Op-Ed below almost never achieves its goal. The obvious prejudices, hyperbole, rhetoric, and shrillness gives it away. As I have said before: "Name-calling, smearing, and sneering are not arguments.” One gets the feeling that the promised "warfare" by Bill McKibben and the environmental media will be a long term phenomenon. [...]

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Reducing Antiquities Act Land Grabs

Thought Piece As usual, Paul Driessen makes a compelling argument in the “Reducing Antiquities Act Land Act.” Paul is a major voice on environmental and economic development issues. He will be joining Jason and me on the Weekly Word this week. I look forward to having a wide-ranging discussion with Paul. Reducing Antiquities Act Land Grabs [...]

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