Canada’s oil and natural gas industry and Indigenous peoples work toward shared prosperity: CAPP Report

Thought Piece First, there are some overlooked facts about Canada: It is the second largest country in the world; it has a population of 36.3 million (or 1/10 of the US); it is the 4th largest crude oil producer; the price of Canadian oil is discounted by 2/3 against US oil; storage facilities continue to overflow [...]

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One in four households living in energy poverty in Ireland

Thought Piece First, I noticed the gut-wrenching headline about the “worst winter in 42 years,” with 48,000 Brits dying this last winter. Now, we find out that 1 in 4 people in Ireland endured energy shortages from the same winter the Irish are calling “the beast from the east.” In fact, the British and Irish are [...]

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A Tale of Two New Yorks

Thought Piece First, Governor Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Bill de Blasio have had a misguided understanding of economic empowerment and a big city arrogance. Given the rural poverty found upstate New York and the plight of low and Public Housing in NYC, Governor Cuomo and Mayor de Blasio should probably take a tour of NYC Public [...]

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California’s state budget is so flush words can’t describe it

Thought Piece Budget Surpluses and Fire in California: Governor Jerry Brown continues to declare that all of this year’s forest fires (including “Camp Fire,” “Woolsey Fire ,” “Hill Fire,” and “Rocky Peak Fire”) have been caused by climate change. In fact, the WSJ points out the State Of California has MISSPENT 10 times more on electric [...]

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‘It’s a Crisis of Civilization in Mexico.’ 250,000 Dead. 37,400 Missing.

Thought Piece When will the international media notice that the world is suffering a crisis of civilization in Mexico, Central and South American, Africa, a good part of Asia, and the Middle East? There are few countries including the European Union that deliver on their promise of civility. Mexico is essentially lawless with a small population [...]

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Colorado Fracking Votes Uphold Property Rights

Thought Piece This is an important interpretation of the Colorado elections (as it relates to American oil and natural gas) last week by Tom Shepstone. “ As Tom says, “Fairness is, too, the reason landowners will ultimately prevail in court.” Anyway, I have worked with Tom on many, many occasions over the last few years in [...]

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Canada’s Crude Problem: Lots of Oil With Nowhere to Go

Thought Piece For whatever reason, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau doesn’t discuss some important facts about Canadian oil and natural gas: Canada is the 4th largest crude oil producer in the world, the price of its oil is $44 a barrel lower than US oil, storage facilities are overflowing but can’t get to market, it has [...]

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EPA rule changes put clean air at risk (Commentary)

Thought Piece The thoroughly discredited Dr. Charles Driscoll, leader of the “Indirect Health Benefits Study” of the Clean Power Plan (CPP), opines about the new EPA rule, replacing the 2015 CPP with a more balance, less Federal Government. Did I mention the Study was jointly done with Harvard? Old environmentalists don’t fade away, they patiently wait [...]

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How Greens Humiliate Themselves

Thought Piece Holman Jenkins rides again!!! My major complaint against the one-eyed environment extremists, like the new Attorney General of New York, has always been that they use misinformation and extra-legal (at best) bullying tactics, not unlike former EPA senior management, several State Attorney Generals, several NGO’s, many university professors, partisan politicians, and some well-meaning but [...]

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