2014 HGS Presentation: “Climate Change: Facts and Fictions”

Thought Piece Not much has changed since Dr. Rusty Riese's May 2014 Presentation in front of Houston Geological Society. The alarmists like Dr. Michael Mann are using the same old arguments, but after 3 more years, they seem even less fact-based. Frankly, I would love to have Dr. Mann do a 45 minute presentation about the [...]

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Is climate change making hurricanes worse?

Thought Piece In all fairness, I need to include this recent piece by the https://lnkd.in/g7xmuFq. Although, it is an interview, which means it has only one point of view. Yes, I could write a counter argument, but I am following my own advice on humility and civility. Steve Is climate change making hurricanes worse? By Staff [...]

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Climate scientists admit they were wrong on climate change effects

Thought Piece A humble scientist is a wise scientist. Anyone making predictions should heed the words of the great philosopher Casey Stengel: "Don't make prediction especially about the future." This might be a great time to have thorough discussion on climate change, without rancor or name-calling. Let's admit that there are many, many people in the [...]

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Former Obama EPA Head Criticizes EPA For Lack Of Transparency, Forgets Her Lack Of Transparency

Thought Piece After being engaged with the EPA senior management since 2005, I must admit that my experience with them especially over the last 8 years has left me with little trust of their news releases and interviews, especially after paying close attention to Lisa Jackson and Gina McCarthy's public statements. Both have sounded hypocritical and [...]

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Underreported: What Happened When Government Tried to Fix a Coal Town

Thought Piece This is the kind of reporting that has been missing in the mainstream media. It shows the costs and benefits of a federally funded program: "A private and public partnership." While the promises sound plausible and even high-minded, the results prove again that the private sector create real jobs and the public sector programs [...]

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Feds overrule New York’s natural gas pipeline permit denial

Thought Piece The New York State political machine and anti- fossil fuel alarmists finally loses one in their effort to impose their will on the NY utility sector. Feds overrule New York's natural gas pipeline permit denial September 15, 2017 Associated Press Save             ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) — Federal regulators have overruled New York state's denial of a [...]

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Climate Alarmist Michael Mann Shrieks at ‘Inhuman Cretins’ for Skepticism

Thought Piece Dr. Michael Mann continues to communicate his point of view, with the confidence of the morally righteous. After hearing him testify at the Hearing of the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology in March, I thought he was uncivil, glib, and anti-intellectual. Historically, Mann has tried to sue several people and media for [...]

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A two-decade crusade by conservative charities fueled Trump’s exit from Paris climate accord

Thought Piece Another alarmist headline with more deeply prejudiced reporting. The portrayal of Myron Ebell, in all of its conspiratorial splendor, is so silly that I can't help think it was written by Jonathon Swift. Although, Myron has been an effective voice of the loyal opposition. S P.S. After hearing his annual salary, I think that he [...]

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Who’s the Real Internet Censor: Comcast or Facebook?

Thought Piece In fact, there were three companies exempt from FCC's 2015 Title Open Internet: Google, Amazon and Facebook. Now those three companies are lobbying for Net Neutrality, while not disclosing that they were already exempt. This is an open display of self-interest by Google, Amazon, and Facebook. These companies would each become a veritable monopoly [...]

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Bots Flood FCC with Millions of Comments About Net Neutrality

Thought Piece Of the 21.8 million comments recently made to FCC on the Net Neutrality, a data company Emprata determined that 19.4 of the comments came from entities that filed multiple times, originated aboard or used such techniques as faked domains typical of spam. It seems that self-righteousness and/or politics have overtaken the discussion about "Open [...]

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