Ex Parte Filing and Request

3 Jan 2001 | by Stephen Heins To: Deborah Lathen, Erez Kalif, James Bird, Michele Ellison, Peter Friedman, Robert Cannon, Robert Pepper, Royce Dickens, Sherille Ismail, William Kennard Date: January 3, 2001 Ladies and Gentlemen, Please find a copy of an Ex Parte filing I made today. I would like to request a conference call with FISPA, [...]

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Open Letter to Chairmen Robert Pitofsky, FTC

*SEE ORIGINAL DOCUMENT* 10 Oct 2000 | by Stephen Heins Robert Pitofsky, Chairman Federal Trade Commission William Kennard, Chairman Federal Communications Commission Dear Sirs, An ex parte filing from me containing a written copy of the terms and conditions that Time Warner has offered to unaffiliated Internet Service Providers across the country should appear today in the public [...]

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