Hey, Willie, Wisconsin Manufacturing Doesn’t Need a Live-Aid Concert!

13 Jul 2004 | by Stephen Heins Six months ago I wrote an article which the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel published, titled "Barron's Article Knocks the Rust Off State Manufacturing outlook," that recounted the predictions of a hedgefund manager named Jeff Gendell in an interview from a December edition of Barron's Magazine. In "Rust Removal," Gendell stated [...]

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The Best Way to Save on Energy? Use Less

Originally posted in Marketplace 15 June 2004 | by Stephen Heins, The Word Merchant Companies throughout Northeast Wisconsin are finding that one of the fastest ways to save on energy costs is to use less of it in the first place. Those same companies have found the best way to use less energy is to invest [...]

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Energy Efficient Lighting Vital to Recovery 2004 – Applying New Technology to Contain Costs, Improve Workplace and Protect the Environment

Originally posted by Energy Central March 21, 2004 | By Stephen Heins While the worst part of the economic recovery process is probably past, the gut-wrenching changes brought on by the manufacturing sector's recession of 2001-2003 are likely to be permanent. One clear economic theme has emerged: The necessity to transform as many fixed costs into [...]

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Solving the Problems of the U.S. Power Grid: A Cautious First Step

Originally posted by Energy Central September 18, 2003 | By Stephen Heins September 8, 2003. As of August 14th, 2003, Americans with short memories or no memory at all about previous blackouts received a vivid illustration of the potential damage caused by electrical outages. While the headlines screamed “third-world electrical infrastructure” and “$100 billion needed to [...]

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The Virtual Power Plant

Original Post in EnergyCentral **SEE ORIGINAL POST** 21 Jul 2003 | by Stephen Heins The Virtual Power Plant (VPP) is a new approach to solving our country's electrical energy problems by utilizing innovative products with a creative funding mechanism. The VPP provides displaced electrical capacity to the consumer and the utilities by installing energy efficient devices, which [...]

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The U.S. Government & the States Should Create Energy Efficient Portfolios

Originally posted by Energy Central May 7, 2003 | By Stephen Heins With deregulation of the retail electric utility industry a distant memory for all but a few states, it appears to be a good time to return to basics for regulation of the utility sector. This means that the U.S Government along with the 50 [...]

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DOE Secretary Abraham’s Clarion Call for Modernizing Conservation

Originally posted by Energy Central November 25, 2002 | By Stephen Heins To begin with, it is essential to dispel the myth that the energy crisis is over. In fact, the United States is likely to continue to face an electricity capacity shortfall and a transmission crisis in the coming years because of the following reasons: [...]

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Ex Parte Filing and Request

3 Jan 2001 | by Stephen Heins To: Deborah Lathen, Erez Kalif, James Bird, Michele Ellison, Peter Friedman, Robert Cannon, Robert Pepper, Royce Dickens, Sherille Ismail, William Kennard Date: January 3, 2001 Ladies and Gentlemen, Please find a copy of an Ex Parte filing I made today. I would like to request a conference call with FISPA, [...]

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Open Letter to Chairmen Robert Pitofsky, FTC

*SEE ORIGINAL DOCUMENT* 10 Oct 2000 | by Stephen Heins Robert Pitofsky, Chairman Federal Trade Commission William Kennard, Chairman Federal Communications Commission Dear Sirs, An ex parte filing from me containing a written copy of the terms and conditions that Time Warner has offered to unaffiliated Internet Service Providers across the country should appear today in the public [...]

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