‘Blizzard of One’ Took on Giants

27 Jun 03 | Author Doug Moe Originally published by The Capital Times – see article here. LAST WEEK, Steve Heins, 58, was in Madison lobbying state government as part of his duties with the Orion Lighting & Energies Services company of Plymouth. Heins took time out to visit a bookstore and buy a copy of a [...]

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Stephen Heins response to discussion and questions in Conference Call with FCC

**SEE ORIGINAL DOCUMENT** Introduced himself and NorthNet including a description of the services offered by NorthNet. Stated that it was he who filed a copy of the Time Warner Term Sheet with the FTC and FCC. He also filed an open letter recently with FTC and FCC detailing anti-competitive objections to TW Terms. TW Term sheet [...]

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AOL-Time Warner Approved by FTC

Originally published by ABC NEWS - See article here. (Photography by Ruby Washington/The New York Times) 14 Dec 2000 The Federal Trade Commission today unanimously approved the merger between America Online and Time Warner — the largest in U.S. history — after extracting last-minute pledges from the companies aimed at protecting consumer choice for [...]

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AOL Deal’s Opponents Mobilizing

Originally published by The Washington Post - see article here. 12 Dec 00 | Author Alec Klein Opponents of America Online Inc.'s acquisition of Time Warner Inc. are mobilizing in a last-ditch attempt to persuade antitrust enforcers to attach tough conditions to the deal--or, failing that, to kill it. The Federal Trade Commission is slated to [...]

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Vision of digital future to emerge from crucial ruling

Originally published by The Christian Science Publishing Society - see article here. 14 Nov 2000 | Author Alexandra Marks [Staff writer of the The Christian Science Monitor] NEW YORK — The United States is currently turning on a DIME. Not the silver 10-cent coin - or even the outcome of a few contested ballots in Florida - [...]

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NorthNet Files Time-Warner’s “Naughty” Term Sheet with FCC

10 Oct 2000 | By Mike Robuck For Immediate Release OSHKOSH - Stephen A. Heins, Director of Marketing for NorthNet, has filed a written copy of the Terms Sheet that Time-Warner Cable has been offering to unaffiliated Internet Service Providers over the last two months in an ex parte filing today. "In the midst of the [...]

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Fear and Loathing in San Jose

13 Nov 2000 | Author Dana Blankenhorn Most ISPs are small, local businesses. Some started in the late 1980s as hobbies. People who were spending too much time (and money) on their computers turned themselves into bulletin board system operators, or sysops, by hosting discussions and file sharing to get some of that money back. Then [...]

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