How the B.C. tanker moratorium is killing First Nations’ enterprise

Thought Piece In contradistinction to some media portrayals of Native Tribes, the First Nations Tribes are opposed to the tanker ban proposed in Canadian Parliament, which threatens the $16 Billion Eagle Spirit Pipeline. The new pipeline ban would prevent Alberta oil from reaching the British Columbia Coast, much to the detriment of the Tribes. Thirty members [...]

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Tracking retractions as a window into the scientific process Fracking paper overstated size of methane leak from Marcellus Shale, earning retraction

Thought Piece Given the fact that the American political divisions in 2018 are almost unbearable, I have chosen to avoid hot button issues like gun control, abortion, gender, woman rights, extreme Climate Change, or economic justice. As in the last 20 years, I will continue to concentrate on the major themes of broadband, energy, energy efficiency, [...]

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SACRIFICING THE POOR The Lancet on ‘pollution’

Thought Piece This new piece on public health provides a necessary corrective to recent Lancet reports, which have cast a cold or non-existent eye on the importance of economic development to human health. In fact, the two recent reports ignored socio-economics almost entirely. See Report

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Sea level rise acceleration (or not): Part I – Introduction

Thought Piece Speaking of an articulate, brave and circumspect woman, Judy Curry has begun a series of discussions with herself (and other climatologists) about the complexities of sea levels world-wide, with few anecdotes and even less hyperbole. As a longtime reader of her work, I can honestly say that I am very excited about learning more [...]

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Financial Times Blasts New York Mayor De Blasio’s Climate Stunts

Thought Piece After living in Manhattan in 1970’s, 1980’s, and 1990’s, I find myself wishing for a new David Dinkins who can do no harm to the world’s financial markets. Financial Times Blasts New York Mayor De Blasio’s Climate Stunts Eric Worrall / January 14, 2018 Guest essay by Eric Worrall The Financial Times asks, if De Blasio [...]

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The Weekly Word: Methane emissions continue to drop

The Weekly Word: Methane emissions continue to drop Seth Whitehead, a spokesman for Energy in Depth, joins Jason Spiess and Stephen Heins on the Weekly Word. Whitehead is a part of one of the leading advocate for the many benefits of unconventional drilling and he has just published a study about the release of methane [...]

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Despite What You’ve Heard, Global Warming Isn’t Making Weather More Extreme

Thought Piece Thanks to the harvesting of indisputable data, Roger Pielke, Jr. has once again poked a huge hole in the mythology of cataclysmic weather events. After the latest spate of cold weather (aka winter), the climate change narrative predictably has been enlarged to include winter snow storms. “Is there nothing it can’t do.” In case [...]

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Climate-Change Policies Can Be Punishing for the Poor

Thought Piece Let us hope that discussions about global warming can be more like the debates between those two brothers than between those who absolutely, completely agree with Paul Krugman, who wrote in his New York Times column in June, 'Betraying the Planet" that "as I watched the deniers make their arguments, I couldn't help thinking [...]

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Health and Well-ness: Analysis of Key Public Health Indicators in Six of the Most Heavily Drilled Marcellus Shale Counties in Pennsylvania

Thought Piece I continue to be disappointed with the state of environmental reporting in the U.S. If a study conforms to the climate change or anti-fossil fuel narrative, the Study makes headline news (e.g. “Fracking Puts Children’s Respiratory Health at Risk), usually without any real analysis of the work itself. In the recent UCLA, U of [...]

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North Dakota’s Pipeline Payoff

Thought Piece “We will continue to work to protect communities from the threat of fracked gas pollution,” stated Sierra Club attorney Nathan Matthews. To my eye, this kind of thinking is an old-fashioned, simplistic way of looking at economic development and environmental mitigation. First, the facts about the Dakota Access Pipelines first six months: North Dakota [...]

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