The Undermining Role and Unfair Influence of Tax-Exempt Foundations

Thought Piece Thanks to Tom Shepstone for this piece about the large Foundations and their path to political and environmental activism. “Tax-exempt foundations, especially supposed charities, are undermining our energy security and exercising completely unfair influence over government policy. A new study, financed by a foundation itself, is out from Northeastern University that provides some much [...]

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Scientists debate human involvement in climate change during panel

Thought Piece For Judith Curry, one of the two climate science skeptics on the panel, the idea that an increase in carbon automatically increases the earth’s temperature is too simplistic. She said earth has many complex systems and there could be other factors playing into climate change that we don’t yet understand, wrote Jake Jarvis. “The [...]

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The Climate-Change Tort Racket

Thought Piece The Climate-Change Tort Racket: Liberal cities join the contingency-fee bar to shake down oil firms. I had another nightmare last night about Global Warming (aka Climate Change), that US cities started suing national and international energy companies on the thinnest of legal precedent. Then, I woke up and remembered that San Francisco, Oakland, New [...]

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Cost-Benefit Reform at the EPA

Thought Piece Cost-Benefit Reform at the EPA: Under Obama, the EPA juked the numbers to justify costly regulation. It is about time that the EPA returns to the fiscal discipline of cost and benefit analysis, after 8 years of torturing the numbers and changing basic definitions while choosing its preferred reports, studies, University, and scientific authors. [...]

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Climate Change Has Run Its Course

Thought Piece The descent of climate-change activism into identity politics is a sign that it has lost vitality, writes @stevenfhayward While I have been a Clean Energy and Energy Efficiency advocate for the last 18 years, I have been worried about the stranded costs of much of the previous tranches of renewable technology? Going forward, there [...]

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The US EPA’s science advisers push back against Scott Pruitt’s attempts to dilute environmental regulation

Thought Piece The Double Standards of Reporting About the McCarthy and Pruitt EPAs The coverage about the last two EPA Directors, Gina McCarthy and Scott Priutt, could not be more different. For the ahistorical, the McCarthy EPA was found communicating with the writers of the “Indirect Health Benefit” before-during-after the 2015 Report was finished. The collusion [...]

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Climate showdown of the decade?

Thought Piece First, I was there during Dr. Mann’s testimony on March 29, 2017 in front of the Committee of Science, Space, and Technology, where he compared himself to a oppressed Russian scientist from the Stalin era: As he put it, “Call people ‘deniers” all you want, use any name you want...beat them into submission, that’s [...]

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Appeals court allows unusual ‘necessity’ defense for Enbridge protesters Pipeline protesters claim threat of climate change compelled them to act.

Thought Piece I had a nightmare last night about Global Warming (aka Climate Change), where anyone can legally commit perjury if they lied because of their higher moral calling. I woke up and remembered Climate Change has already created a large new genre for funding bias; *It funded 1,000s of politicized climate reports; It funds over [...]

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Climate Litigation: The Latest Green Effort to Overturn Democracy

Though Piece “Climate Change Warriors Latest Weapon of Choice is Litigation.” I too am worried about the proliferation of environmental lawsuits in the US, at least 5,000. Although, it is a growth market for environmental attorneys and fungible green funding. Most of all, I am against small groups who think they know more than the voting [...]

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“Nutty” is as Nutty Does – 2nd MVP Protester Goes Up a Pole in VA

Though Piece More bad behavior in VA. It is hard to retain a modicum of respect for any environmental group (or individual protester) who games the legal system or simply ignores the law, especially if they invoke their sense of moral rectitude, civil disobedience, and intellectual superiority. All of this, while various environmental groups have more [...]

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