“Climate restoration” is the “New Coke” of climate alarmism

Thought Piece  “Climate restoration” is even worse than “leave it in the ground,” because of its economic development implications. Luddite and primitive thinking come to mind. It's harder and harder to find a trustworthy voice these days. Like the evolution of “global warming,” it all depends on who is choosing the words, the  "relevant facts" and [...]

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After the Gas and Bombs: The Health Crisis That’s Killing Syria The country’s seven-year civil war is systematically destroying its health-care system and fueling a public-health catastrophe

Though Piece Syria is facing an epic public-health catastrophe: I can’t help wondering where the international health community has been while this medical disaster of biblical proportion has been going on over the last 7 years?  Where has the Lancet organization, the American Medical Association, or the World Health Organization been? How can any humanist worth [...]

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Kids sue Rick Scott for ‘immoral’ silence on climate change

Though Piece  Is anyone else bothered by the manipulation of kids by adult environmental groups who provide the money, expertise, and the attorneys for another frivolous and maybe bad faith lawsuit? How dare these (likely) misguided adults use children for their cause? Words fail me to describe the bad behavior and false media of this environmental [...]

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Forest Fires — Fanning the Flames of Climate Alarm

Thought Piece Sometimes it is best to review news story from the rear view mirror. This piece from Gregory Wrightstone provides just such a view, without rancor or hyperbole. Also, it will be interesting to see if Sacramento, state utilities, and the Governor will spend the money necessary to manage deadwood, trees and,  underbrush to keep [...]

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Cabinet Meets, Notley Offers to Buy a Pipeline as Kinder Morgan Frenzy Grows

Thought Piece In Canada, it is harder and harder to retain any respect for any environmental group, domestic (or foreign), or a province like British Columbia, who pontificates about the law if it favors them, but who becomes a heavy-handed, well-financed scofflaws if it doesn’t, especially if they invoke their sense of moral rectitude and intellectual [...]

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Report: Bakken job openings steadily increase

Thought Piece Contrary to the “no new jobs” in shale industries mantra, ND, TX, NM, CO, OH, PA, WV are witnessing “job openings steadily increase.” See article “U.S. job openings soar to a record-high 6.3 million as companies seek skilled workers” in LA Times Report: Bakken job openings steadily increase Posted: Mon 2:39 PM, Apr 09, [...]

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48,000 Brits dead after worst winter in 42 years THE UK is being hit by its worst winter death toll in 42 years, a new search says.

Thought Piece "Here is a headline that is unlikely to appear in the US. “48,000 Brits Dead After Worst Winter in 42 Years.” While England is sitting on an “enormous reserve” of shale oil, they continue to import 50% of their natural gas from Russia. If one factors in the the natural gas, tight oil, and [...]

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New B.C. report discredits green groups’ narrative that First Nations are opposed to fossil fuel projects Indigenous communities are upset that many LNG projects haven’t been built, according to a joint report co-authored the B.C. government and the First Nations LNG Alliance

Thought Piece It is hard to retain a modicum of respect for any American environmental group who tries to influence the environmental debate of other countries, especially Canada. Vancouver researcher and writer Vivian Krause has prepared a report, published January, 2018, that traces large amounts of NGO money flowing into the “demarketing” campaign against fossil fuels, [...]

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The Fuel-Economy Reality Show The Obama rules were always designed to provide a sound bite and then be repealed.

Thought Piece The Fuel-Economy Reality Show, by @HolmanJenkins There are times when I remember how funny Holman Jenkins can be. This piece is a classic example. WARNING: Anyone who is unwilling to have a little fun should avoid this discussion about the current fuel economy debate. When I grow up, I want to be Holman Jenkins, [...]

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Fracking for gas could provide UK with less to fear from Russia Strategic, political and economic concerns are therefore causing a major rethink of British energy policy but public concern over new gas resource is a challenge

Thought Piece   For those people who no longer think that the English drink tea without lifting their pinky finger, here is another example of ongoing British delicacy. With few exceptions, the “precautionary principle” is still alive there. While  “peace is at hand,” I doubt that the Russians have signed any new treaty with England nor [...]

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