Bill Gates Slams Unreliable Wind & Solar: ‘Let’s Quit Jerking Around With Renewables & Batteries’

Thought Piece  Unsurprisingly, the following interview got no media coverage. By the way, Bill Gates has little or no skin in the renewables and battery sector, plus he isn’t singing from the Green Tabernacle Choir hymnal. Historically, the media has acted like a lynch mob, from time to time, and this one of those times.” Anonymous [...]

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Thought Piece   For anyone who wants to put the economics back into economic development, this 2019 TIPRO Report is very timely. I especially like the Methodology Section. Too many reports and reporters provide scant information on their methodology or derivation of their “facts.” The one-eyed climate left is good at inciting fervor for concepts that [...]

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Gas Shortages Give New York an Early Taste of the Green New Deal

Thought Piece Here is a great Op-Ed piece by friend Robert Bryce. In complete disbelief, Robert writes about the mostly officious energy policy of New York. How can urban politicians set a course for destruction, while rural citizens must stand by and let it all happen? Robert details all of the flaws of extreme environmental thinking. [...]

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Infrastructure Lost: Why America Cannot Afford to “Keep It In the Ground”

Thought Piece First and foremost, the “Keep It In The Ground” has only one “accomplishment,” which is keeping over $91 billion of energy infrastructure from being built or replaced (with both new and upgraded technology). A visible example of this do-nothing approach can be found north of Boston, with the explosion of old gas pipelines. My [...]

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What the Green New Deal will do to our family

Thought Piece Here is a new piece by ally Greg Wrightstone, entitled “What the Green New Deal will do to our family,” that has just appeared in the American Thinker. Beneath the Jonathon Swift-like satire, Greg has looked at the future of the effects of “Green New Deal;” and, to quote Leonard Cohen, “I have seen [...]

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Energy & Environmental Newsletter: January 7, 2019

Thought Piece As a lifelong private sector advocate, I have been an active witness to several states (like Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Pennsylvania, North Dakota), who are endowed with vast amounts of unconventional oil and the necessary private capital, becoming the very heart of the US Energy Renaissance of the last decade. Unlike conventional oil, shale [...]

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Canada Appeases NGOs As Rural and Indigenous Peoples Suffer

Thanks to the gentle editing of Tom Shepstone, I discuss a puzzling, uneconomic situation that is unfolding in Canada, although large parts of the world have much the same problem. While governments and heavily populated area dither about global warming, rural and indigenous people are suffering from energy poverty. The overwhelming scourge of the poor and [...]

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Canada’s oil and natural gas industry and Indigenous peoples work toward shared prosperity: CAPP Report

Thought Piece First, there are some overlooked facts about Canada: It is the second largest country in the world; it has a population of 36.3 million (or 1/10 of the US); it is the 4th largest crude oil producer; the price of Canadian oil is discounted by 2/3 against US oil; storage facilities continue to overflow [...]

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Colorado Fracking Votes Uphold Property Rights

Thought Piece This is an important interpretation of the Colorado elections (as it relates to American oil and natural gas) last week by Tom Shepstone. “ As Tom says, “Fairness is, too, the reason landowners will ultimately prevail in court.” Anyway, I have worked with Tom on many, many occasions over the last few years in [...]

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Canada’s Crude Problem: Lots of Oil With Nowhere to Go

Thought Piece For whatever reason, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau doesn’t discuss some important facts about Canadian oil and natural gas: Canada is the 4th largest crude oil producer in the world, the price of its oil is $44 a barrel lower than US oil, storage facilities are overflowing but can’t get to market, it has [...]

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