Thought Piece I have been assembling all of the examples of bad behavior by the churches of “Net Neutrality”, both from the efforts of the States and former FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler. That said, this story takes the cake. In a recent threat against FCC Chairman Agit Pai, “I will find your children and I will [...]

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California Breaks the Internet

Thought Piece Psst! California tries to predict the future of Broadband, without being able to manage its present turmoil. With the current rollout of 5G Broadband, the Internet of Everything will require big data, currently unimaginable technology, and enormous amounts of Broadband. However, the Federal overreach of Tom Wheeler’s FCC 2015 initiative and California’s 2018 (even [...]

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States Loom as a Regulatory Threat to Tech Giants

Thought Piece Just when I thought some of the expansive “State Rights” arguments were being throttled by state and federal courts, the Justice Department and several states are attempting to regulate the Internet, Broadband and large technology companies, again. It is worth mentioning that all of these agencies are many years behind the industries they regulate, [...]

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FCC Chairman Still Receiving Threats Over ‘Net Neutrality’

Thought Piece FCC Chairman Still Receiving Threats Over ‘Net Neutrality’ This is a very troubling story, especially for a democracy like the US. How dare any group harass and threaten the family of FCC Chairman Ajit Pai? As a veteran of the Open Access battles of 1999-2001, I freely admit I think that the whole “Net [...]

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California Senate defies AT&T, votes for strict net neutrality rules California may impose tougher net neutrality rules than the FCC did.

Thought Piece   "California Delusions About Broadband and the Future" There is a rapid convergence of energy, technology and broadband (aka The Internet of Things). However, the IOT will require Big Data, Big Infrastructure, Big Technology and Really Big Broadband.  All of the last White House’s FCC and current California’s “Net Neutrality” initiatives harken to the [...]

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A Phony Vote on ‘Net Neutrality’ Democrats try to rile up millennials about a deregulated internet.

Thought Piece A Phony Vote on ‘Net Neutrality’: Democrats try to rile up millennials about a deregulated internet. Long Before 3rd Cousin Net Neutrality of 2015, "They Fought over the Worldwide Internet's "Open Access:" In 2001, Access simply meant basic access to DSL and cable broadband, when the importance of Broadband was just emerging and wireless [...]

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Russia Attacked the US Power Grid for Two Years. Now What?

Thought Piece This is an excellent piece about the importance of cyber-security on the American grid. With the geo-political implication of a vulnerable grid, it is good time to have a non-partisan discussion about how to evolve a forward-looking strategy, being called “”segmentationnetwork.” Lexington Institute’ Constance Douris gives us a thoughtful review of the issues, with [...]

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Oshkosh Natives Robert Kleinschmidt, Tocqueville Fund Manager of NYC, and Lewis Hine, social activist and photographer of the Manhattan skyline

Thought Piece Yes, Oshkosh, that brunt of many jokes and the name of kids clothing! On a historical note, Lewis Hine was also an Oshkosh boy, whose father ran a restaurant in Oshkosh as did mine and who matriculated  at Columbia and lived in Manhattan as did I. Arguably, Lewis Hine's photographs of child labor and [...]

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The Oreskes question: Is Blood thicker than Objective Reporting @NPR ?

Thought Piece       “Trump’s EPA Under Attack By Taxpayer Funded PBS.” 10/17/2017. This was the most slanted expose ever done by PBS. Balanced reporting is no where to be found. It must have been written by Gina McCarthy and directed the NY Times environmental extremists. Although, the CNN’s hatchet job with Anderson Cooper [...]

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12 Facts You Need to Know About the INTERNET of THINGS

Thought Piece ServiceMax and GE understand the current complexities of wireless broadband, Internet access and the innovation of technology, also known as the Internet of Things. They have avoided small bore, silo thinking, without getting political. Please find the 12 facts about the Internet of Things below. The IOT will make the Clean Power Plan [...]

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