Weekly Word: Heins talks Clean Power Plan

The Weekly Word; October 19, 2017 Professor Stephen Heins shares his thoughts on the Clean Power Plan and how the courts are playing into the regulation.  Heins believes the Clean Power Plan will be deemed unconstitutional. Heins also shares his thoughts on the “real reason” the EPA was able to enact the Clean Power Plan.  [...]

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The Weekly Word, October 2nd 2017

The Weekly Word; October 2, 2017 Heins opines about the new FERC commissioner and why he will be good for oil and gas. Listen Here: http://www.thecrudelife.com/podcast/building-bakken-radio-episode-bakken-companies-compete-texas-oklahoma/

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Building the Bakken Radio Episode 214: Hurricane Harvey Impact Special

The Crude Life Media Network Special Interview with Stephen Heins on Hurricane Harvey’s Impact Heins discusses some of the big picture impacts Hurricane Harvey in regards to the oil and gas industry.  He also opines about the group who is trying to link Hurricane Harvey to energy extraction in the United States. He also [...]

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Writer looking to tell oil’s Big Story

The Crude Life Media Network: Writer looking to tell oil’s Big Story Heins talks about how he would like to tell Big Oil real story. How the modern shale revolution has changed the planet in many beneficial ways. http://www.thecrudelife.com/podcast/writer-looking-tell-oils-big-story/

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