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“Climate restoration” is the “New Coke” of climate alarmism

Thought Piece  “Climate restoration” is even worse than “leave it in the ground,” because of its economic development implications. Luddite and primitive thinking come to mind. It's harder and harder to find a trustworthy voice these days. Like the evolution of “global warming,” it all depends [...]

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After the Gas and Bombs: The Health Crisis That’s Killing Syria The country’s seven-year civil war is systematically destroying its health-care system and fueling a public-health catastrophe

Though Piece Syria is facing an epic public-health catastrophe: I can’t help wondering where the international health community has been while this medical disaster of biblical proportion has been going on over the last 7 years?  Where has the Lancet organization, the American Medical Association, or [...]

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Kids sue Rick Scott for ‘immoral’ silence on climate change

Though Piece  Is anyone else bothered by the manipulation of kids by adult environmental groups who provide the money, expertise, and the attorneys for another frivolous and maybe bad faith lawsuit? How dare these (likely) misguided adults use children for their cause? Words fail me to [...]

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New York City Natural Gas Use Up Everywhere: Time for the Big Apple Relief Valve

Though Piece In spite of the fact that I have lived in NYC during the 1970’s, 1980’s, 1990’s, I cannot remember a time in the last half of century when the Big Apple looked so poorly managed. Given the financial disaster of the ‘70’s, this is [...]

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Forest Fires — Fanning the Flames of Climate Alarm

Thought Piece Sometimes it is best to review news story from the rear view mirror. This piece from Gregory Wrightstone provides just such a view, without rancor or hyperbole. Also, it will be interesting to see if Sacramento, state utilities, and the Governor will spend the [...]

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Cabinet Meets, Notley Offers to Buy a Pipeline as Kinder Morgan Frenzy Grows

Thought Piece In Canada, it is harder and harder to retain any respect for any environmental group, domestic (or foreign), or a province like British Columbia, who pontificates about the law if it favors them, but who becomes a heavy-handed, well-financed scofflaws if it doesn’t, especially [...]

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