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Natural gas explosions: Boston-area gas pipes among oldest and leakiest in US

Thought Piece In direct answer to Cory Brewer’s question about Massachusetts explosions, I am providing the link to the USA Today investigation. It is probably the most clear-headed and detailed, otherwise, it is small-bore reporting. This piece reminds me of living in Manhattan in 1996. At [...]

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Trump’s energy policies are driving Democrats crazy

Thought Piece The Clean Power Plan (CPP) of 2015 had almost nothing to do with emission reductions. In fact, the whole “indirect health benefits” mirage was invented by the EPA in 2013, using Harvard and Syracuse U, et al, for validation of the concept of “indirect [...]

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States Loom as a Regulatory Threat to Tech Giants

Thought Piece Just when I thought some of the expansive “State Rights” arguments were being throttled by state and federal courts, the Justice Department and several states are attempting to regulate the Internet, Broadband and large technology companies, again. It is worth mentioning that all of [...]

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What Trendy Environmentalism Ignores to the Detriment of Mankind

What Trendy Environmentalism Ignores to the Detriment of Mankind By Stephen Heins Trendy environmentalism seems to be the order of the day in those parts of the US where rich folks tend to congregate, with no attention to the common good. It’s official. A Pennsylvania environmental [...]

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Thought Piece I am proud to introduce this new presentation by friend Paul Driessen. It may the very best educational and historical discussion of the last 200 years of global history, at least known to me. It is simply a great piece of accessible scholarship for [...]

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