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Bill Gates Slams Unreliable Wind & Solar: ‘Let’s Quit Jerking Around With Renewables & Batteries’

Thought Piece  Unsurprisingly, the following interview got no media coverage. By the way, Bill Gates has little or no skin in the renewables and battery sector, plus he isn’t singing from the Green Tabernacle Choir hymnal. Historically, the media has acted like a lynch mob, from [...]

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Thought Piece   For anyone who wants to put the economics back into economic development, this 2019 TIPRO Report is very timely. I especially like the Methodology Section. Too many reports and reporters provide scant information on their methodology or derivation of their “facts.” The one-eyed [...]

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Gas Shortages Give New York an Early Taste of the Green New Deal

Thought Piece Here is a great Op-Ed piece by friend Robert Bryce. In complete disbelief, Robert writes about the mostly officious energy policy of New York. How can urban politicians set a course for destruction, while rural citizens must stand by and let it all happen? [...]

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“Why We Won’t Quit the Climate Fight” (the growing futility, despair of climate alarmists)

Thought Piece Here is a great piece by one of my very favorite economic development and energy writers, Rob Bradley. He combines environmental sanity, intellectualism, and clarity. In this piece, Rob develops a flower child point and mature counterpoint narrative in the climate debate. "No matter [...]

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The Obvious Biomass Emissions Error

Thought Piece Thanks to Steve Goreham, here is a discussion about one of the many flaws in the Emission Reduction Scheme in European Union (ETS-EU). Wood chips are being treated like a renewable resource. The double standards, wood chips vs. energy efficiency, of the ETS is [...]

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‘Green energy blues’ in a town that sought to do something about climate change

Thought Piece I just have turned off The Beach Boys’ “Wouldn’t it be Nice,” and I brought myself back to renewable reality. Anyway, perhaps the largest uncertainty about renewable energy is the two kinds of technology risk. Like with all new technologies, renewables have a productive [...]

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