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Lincoln: I look where he lies, white-faced and still, in the coffin; …I bend down, and touch lightly with my lips the white face in the coffin.

Thought Piece [At 7:22 AM on April 15th, 1865, probably the greatest American died. Like Walt Whitman, Mr. Lincoln certainly had a heart as large as the whole country of which he was President. The only known photograph (which has been digitally enhanced) of Abraham Lincoln in his casket in the White House is shown below [...]

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Fracking comes to the Arctic in a new Alaska oil boom: This comes at a time of low oil prices, when observers felt the Arctic would remain off-limits.

Thought Piece [While the discovery of 5 to 6 billion oil and untold natural gas is good news for Alaska, the U.S. and the global energy markets, the logistics of the harvesting the oil will require vast quantities of water and sand needed for fracking, which will be challenging, and probably more expensive than the lower 48 states. Of the [...]

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Legal Group Wants ‘Partisan’ AG Punished Over Handling Of High-Profile Public Records Request: Another New York Attorney General without boundaries?

Thought Piece "Legal Group Wants ‘Partisan’ AG Punished Over Handling Of High-Profile Public Records Request." Another New York Attorney General without boundaries? [Below, you will find two pieces about New York Attorney General Eric Scheiderman. In many ways, his AG office's activities have been  reminiscent of Elliot Spitzer's attack on Wall Street: Highly political, very ambitious and utterly [...]

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Julia Olson founded Our Children’s Trust with the idea of having children front the campaign against climate change and making them plaintiffs

Thought Piece [Lily Tomlin was right: "No matter how cynical you get, it is impossible to keep up." Steve] Hide Behind Kids in Oil and Gas Lawsuit by Aileen Yeung 12:12pm EDT April 10, 2017 aileen@energyindepth.org, Denver, CO In what the industry has called a flawed decision that imperils jobs and incomes, the Colorado Court of Appeals [...]

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The role a melting glacier played in Exxon’s biggest disaster: “Global Warming, is there anything it can’t do?” Homer Simpson

Thought Piece [Ordinarily, I would have provided some editorial comment to a story like the one which appeared in the LA Times today, but I have been rendered almost speechless.  Making Exxon a silent corporate conspirator, hiding its early knowledge of global warming, in the Valdez oil spill is an one-sided journalistic disaster of biblical proportions. [...]

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“Atlantic Coast Pipeline Protestors Shut Down FERC Chair’s Lecture at Duke University”: “Enviros Shut Down Duke U Meeting Where FERC Chair to Speak”

Thought Piece [In the wake of the interview with NYU Professor Johnathon Haidt in Saturday's Wall Street Journal and his discussion of recent examples of the "new religion that drives the intolerance and violence at places like Middlebury and Berkeley," I can't help noticing that these two pieces, one by the Duke University protestors and the other by a Marcellus [...]

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“Innovation Related To Hydraulic Fracturing Dominates Oil, Gas Patent Arena” Since 2006, nearly 1,000 patents related to hydraulic fracturing filed.

Thought Piece [It is worth mentioning that many of these patents involve improved environmentalism and safety, what I have called "practical environmentalism" over 15 years ago. Deloitte expects these innovative fracking solutions to continue: Recent filings and ongoing research in "the field of nanoparticles, monitoring and sensing" suggests the drive toward faster, cheaper and cleaner hydraulic fracturing will [...]

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The Climate Yawns: Donald Trump is no more a planet wrecker than Barack Obama (as measured to the third decimal).

Thought Piece [While many people seemingly have forgotten that Clean Power Plan was a legalistic nightmare, I think it is important to remember the CPP was opposed by 31 states (out of 50) in court. Ultimately, it was a poorly-written, over-politicized document in search of a political cause. Now that it is just another example of a failed federal over-reach, I wanted to make [...]

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Fracking 2.0: Shale Drillers Pioneer New Ways to Profit in Era of Cheap Oil

Thought Piece [The technology of horizontal drilling and fracking is moving at hyper-speed in the US, thanks to the Internet of Things and the innovations of the American private sector. As expected, the energy industry continues to extract more oil faster and cheaper than OPEC. Yes, Virginia, the slow moving, unwieldy methods used by OPEC are showing. In [...]

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Michael Mann takes on his arch-enemies, dissenting scientists and loyal opposition at Committee Hearings.

Frankly, it would take too much time to recount all of Michael Mann's enemies, although I can mention a partial list: Dr. Judith Curry, Koch Brothers, Patrick Taylor, Dr. John Christy, Dr. Roger Pielke, Jr, Myron Ebell, Tucker Carlson, Joe Barton, Washington Times, Steve Milloy, Daily Caller, Chris Horner, David Schnare, Craig Richardson, Hal Doirin, Ross McKitrick, [...]

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