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Twenty-Five Industrial Wind Energy Deceptions

Thought Piece The following piece was written by friend John Droz over some years. John has pointed out 25 flaws of wind power thinking, while discussing the various marketing ploys to promote wind’s renewable status. Needless to say, John presents a powerful narrative, with great individual arguments augmented with many examples. I would love hear from [...]

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Climate Psychology Handbook: Promote Renewables to Cure Debilitating Climate Angst

Thought  Piece Here is a handbook (aka Cliff Notes) from the echo chamber of environmental activism. More from the Scientific Tabernacle Choir. “Climate psychology” and “Debilitating Climate Angst” are phrases for the ages, prime examples of SCIENTISTS’ sense of self-importance. Shame on them. Climate Psychology Handbook: Promote Renewables to Cure Debilitating Climate Angst Eric Worrall / September 1, [...]

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Michael Bloomberg Is Buying Power from Politically Corrupt Attorneys General

Thought Piece This Weekly Word with Jason Spiess, the professor, and Tom Shepstone (www.twmheins.com in Weekly Word Column), recorded on January 30, 2018. Stephen Heins and Jason Spiess hosts Tom Shepstone from Pennsylvania, who is an urban consultant, community planner, researcher and advisor for zoning and land use in the Northeast of the U.S. ...Spiess asked [...]

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Law Enforcement for Rent

Thought Piece Thanks to Chris Horner and Competitive Enterprise Institute, we can now read the “informal” communications between 18 State Attorneys General (led by Eric Schneiderman), climate change NGO’s (led by Union of Concerned Scientists), universities (led by NYU) and wealthy individuals (led by Michael Bloomberg). The level of extra legal activities between these groups in [...]

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Fake Study Recommends Quarter-Mile Setbacks for PA Shale Drilling

Thought Piece It’s official. A Pennsylvania environmental group is copying an initiative spawned in Boulder, CO, using a discredited study to advance their cause. Environmentalism has become a secular religion, with no regard for facts or the loss of credibility while they proselytize. Thanks to Pennsylvania’s best reporter, Jim Willis and the Marcellus Drilling News. How [...]

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Activists in Ohio’s New Oil and Gas Play Get a Lesson in Shale Economics

Thought Piece Whenever the "alarmist media" run stories, Op-Eds on climate changes, and Letters to the Editor, they exaggerate the headline and narrative. They rarely if ever include a counter-argument, almost never know any Information that contradicts their alarmism, or ever refers to any published study that supports a scintilla of environmental skepticism. Whatever happened to [...]

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The Great Rural-Urban Divide Is at the Heart of the Energy Debate

The Great Rural-Urban Divide Is at the Heart of the Energy Debate Stephen Heins Energy Consultant Census data reveals a fundamental fact about our great rural-urban divide on energy. Rural folks are the makers. Urban folks are the uninformed takers. While many urban areas (e.g., New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Philadelphia, Boston, Seattle) have [...]

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California Solar Mandate Will Cost More Than Anyone Was Told

California Solar Mandate Will Cost More Than Anyone Was Told Posted on August 15, 2018 by Natural Gas Now Guest Blogger Stephen Heins Energy Consultant Stephen Heins reveals the insanity of a California solar mandate, which will deepen the impacts of the energy debacle in which the state is already mired. California’s new solar mandate will cost much more [...]

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The Phony Numbers Behind California’s Solar Mandate

Thought Piece California’s new solar mandate will cost much more than anyone was told, writes Steven Sexton. Essentially, the public sector, including well-funded politically active environmental groups, have decided that renewable energy, electric cars, and large scale storage batteries are the best investments for the future of California energy, economic development and environmentalism. Unfortunately, this Wall [...]

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The DRBC Has A Train Wreck As New Jersey Pollutes the Delaware

Thought Piece The silence emanating from the Coalition for the Delaware River Basin (CDRB) after this current train wreck is deafening. This sound of silence is especially interesting as the CDRB has been worried about pipelines polluting the Delaware River Basin in all their DRBC filings arguing against shale oil development and natural gas pipelines in [...]

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