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Steve Heins, “Electricity and Energy at the Crossroads 2017,” Master’s of Jurisprudence in Energy Law, University of Tulsa College of Law Energy .

I am happy to announce that I will be one of the lecturers at the University of Tulsa Law School this fall term with many other energy and regulation mavens. I will discuss "Electricity and Energy at the Crossroads 2017." Thanks for the opportunity, Diana Hall and Assistant Dean Tim Thompson. Steve For more information, [...]

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Net Neutrality Supporters Pressure FCC to Extend Comment Deadline

Thought Piece At the latest count, over 5.3 million of the 13 million FCC's Comments were manufactured by Fake Filing software. I would be shocked if more than 1 percent of the filers actually knew the details of Tom Wheeler extra-legal action. The removal of Net Neutrality provision of 2015 returns the Internet back to being [...]

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Al Gore’s Climate Sequel Misses a Few More Facts: Eleven years since first climate-change film, Al’s still trying to spend $17 trillion on doomsday!

Thought Piece If Soren Kierkegaard is right that "life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forwards," then I wish Mr. Gore could remember how to look backwards: He might recall that his dire predictions started over 13 or 14 years ago which is where he gave a 10 minute slide called "The Day After [...]

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“Enemies of humanity”: Mosquitoes and uncaring environmental activists perpetuate poverty, disease and death….

Thought Piece I often find myself realizing that I know some very articulate and worldly men and women. In the following, I simply cannot add a single thing.   Thanks Steven and Paul!  Steve Steven Lyazi, my young friend in Uganda, had another brush with malaria a few weeks ago. He writes about it in his latest article, and offers [...]

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A photo with Jason Priess, a leading reporter and interviewer of the Bakken Shale (see thecrudelife.com) with North Dakota Governor Doug Burgun.

This is a photo with Jason Priess, a leading reporter and interviewer of the Bakken Shale industry (see thecrudelife.com) with North Dakota Government Doug Burgum. Jason and I did a 27 minute interview on Facebook, replete with a good conversation and wit at the annual Bakken Conference yesterday. I expect to be posting it soon. In addition, Jason [...]

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2017 Bakken Oil Conference Begins Next Week, More Than 400 Industry Professionals Set to Gather in Bismarck, North Dakota, Center of Energy Universe.

Thought Piece [I am heading for the annual Bakken Conference in Bismarck, North Dakota on Saturday. In 1880's, the State of Wisconsin developed what they called the Wisconsin Idea: Close cooperation between state government, higher education and the private sector. In truth, North Dakota has come much closer to the Wisconsin Idea of state cooperation than [...]

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