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My Mission

In a highly divided and partisan world of 2017, it is my intent to provide an even-handed view of the rapidly converging worlds of energy, technology and broadband, what is being called the Internet of Things. My one real prejudice is that I believe the private sector is best equipped to provide the resources, innovations, machinery for change and commercialization skills to deal with the coming convergence, which is not to say that government cannot provide important research to aid this converge.

I have been actively engaged in the worlds of energy, broadband and the Internet of Things for the last 20 years through some 100 plus Op-Ed writings, Editorials, and Thought Pieces. In addition, I attend many regional and federal energy conferences throughout the year maintaining direct involvement with current energy/environmental regulations and the people who are in charge of enforcing those rules and regulations.

If there ever was a time in which “silo thinking” will no longer be enough and openly partisan dialogue won’t benefit anybody, IT IS NOW. After all, sound environmentalism only makes sense if it has good energy policy and economic development as equal partners.

Ultimately, I strive to be a source of good, solid, nonpartisan sources of information and to be one of the thought leaders about the multi-trillion dollar issues that will be regulated and legislated by the states, the regional authorities, and the federal government in 2017.

Published In

 “Being out-manned and out-spent, but not out-witted is not bad.”


I’ve known Mr. Stephen Heins both personally and in a business capacity for 40 years.  We met in 1974 while he was attending Columbia University. Over those years, Mr. Heins has conducted himself truthfully and admirably. His profound curiosity, private sector sensibility and research skills have led him to his private sector advocate of practical environmentalism and the Internet of Things.

I have watched as his expertise, first, at the Internet and Broadband technology in early 2000’s, and then his expertise the energy field, has grown exponentially. His many published articles are a testament to his well respected and earned expert opinions on the subject of broadband, energy efficiency, electricity, greenhouses gas, environmental policy and fracking.

Be it at conferences or industry gatherings Mr. Heins is sought after for opinion and comment.  A gadfly by nature he’s never at a loss to question the latest fad or trend. In summary, it is his tenacity and perseverance in pursuit of honest fact which earned him a special place at the energy table.

Robert J Kramer, Chief Operating Officer, Tocqueville Wealth Management

I enthusiastically endorse Stephen Heins as a communications consultant for your firm.

During the 17 years I’ve known Mr. Heins as a media journalist and publisher, he’s been an articulate and intelligent resource for our publication’s various articles pertaining to communications and energy issues.

Heins additionally contributes guest commentary articles on various energy and communications subjects to New North B2B magazine, fluently informing our more than 15,000 business readers across northeast Wisconsin.

Heins’ considerable literary background and respective demeanor has always engaged our readers with a colorful and unique perspective on federal and state regulatory topics important to the daily operations of their businesses. He’s a punctual writer and speaker, and is always responsive to the fast-paced deadlines our industry demands.

We’re delighted to rely on Mr. Heins as a resource to educate our discriminating reading audience on complex matters related to the energy and communications industries.

If you’d like to further discuss any experiences our organization has experienced with Mr. Heins during the past 17 years, I welcome a phone call or email to any of the contacts listed below.

Sean Fitzgerald, NEW North B2B, president and publisher

Heins believes he has the answer to most questions, but even when he does not, he is never in doubt and expresses his position with clarity and humor.  He attracts his audience with an attention getting device, engages it with thoughtful comments and examples, and then releases it with thought provoking analysis.  Heins is not short on opinions or judgments, but limits his opinions and analysis to specific areas of expertise, which he has spent years pursuing, while continuing to refine his ideas and conclusions.  A wordsmith practices his profession in an effort to impress and educate. A word merchant practices his profession in an effort to persuade and convince.  Heins combines the intellect of a wordsmith with the practical qualities of a word merchant.

Wayne H. Rusch, Berliner, Corcoran & Rowe

About Stephen

For the last 5 years, starting in 2011, Stephen Heins has been an analyst and consultant for a Wall Street firm. Also, he has been a practical environmentalist, who advocates good energy policy, economic development and sound environmentalism. From 2001-2009, Heins was Vice President of Corporate Communication for Orion Energy Systems, a publicly-traded leader in innovating energy and lighting systems based in Plymouth, Wis.

Currently, Heins promotes economic development, energy efficiency, emission reductions and broadband deployment at local, state and national levels. He has published more than 90 articles and op-ed pieces on these issues. Over the last 16 years, Heins has published op-ed pieces on energy management, Broadband, the utility industry and environmental issues for leading newspapers, energy and trade magazines including Forbes, Energy Central, Spark Fortnightly, Marcellus Drilling News, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Capital Times, Wisconsin State Journal, Milwaukee Business Journal, Wisconsin Corporate Report, Marketplace Magazine, the San Diego Union Tribune, Engineering Times, Energy and Power Management, Energy Pulse and Electricity Today.

Going by the title, “The Word Merchant,” he has written Op-Eds critical of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), including its controversial Clean Power Plan and Clean Water Act. Heins believes that the resources, finances and innovation of the private sector is vastly superior to federal mandates and regulatory silo thinking.

Since December 2014, Heins’ published policy-oriented writings also address topics including the coming convergence of energy, technology and broadband, Cooperative Federalism, the U.S. electrical grid, state utility commissions, fracking and the natural gas revolution in U.S.

Heins is passionate about the major role “clean energy,’ in the broad sense of the word, can play in solving electrical power generation problems while helping companies reduce their carbon footprint. To that end, he has been a member of the National Association of Manufacturers, US Chamber of Commerce, Wisconsin Manufacturing and Commerce, Chicago Climate Exchange, Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance, Alliance to Save Energy, American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy, the Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce Association, and U.S.Green Building Council.

Prior to joining Orion Energy Systems, Heins was director of marketing for NorthNet, an Internet Service Provider based in Oshkosh, Wis. Heins also was marketing director for Trautman-Kramer, a Wall Street investment firm specializing in municipal bond underwriting and brokerage. His early career took him into the restaurant business managing a chain of thirteen restaurants.

Heins studied American poetry at Columbia University in New York City and he also attended the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh, where he studied business and economic coursework. He currently resides in Sheboygan, Wis.

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